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  1. I just love the red 'V' at the back of its head... so cool!
  2. Thanks... learning the finer points from experts like you all. Appreciate it.
  3. Thank you very much for this. I'll proceed with the change in my log. Appreciate it.
  4. Early May 2018. I was visiting Washington DC and had the opportunity to walk through much of the Glover Archbold Park and came across this Blue Jay. It's a common bird in North America, but as a visitor, it's a Lifer for me. Amazing blues and the pattern on it's tail... Wow!
  5. They were literally all over the beach! Initially my wife and I were afraid to walk towards the crystal clear waters of a nearby beach off Nassau but it turns out they were not really afraid of us. I was able to get some close ups. Their eyes are so... comical? Reminds me a bit of the clownish eyes of Puffins... I know they're entirely different.
  6. Early April, 2018. Was out for a walk when I spotted some birds on the roof of a house. Left it in the misc folder until I dug it up recently. Catbird?
  7. Thanks... my hands were shaking in excitement … Lifer! So afraid it would fly off, turns out it was quite a performer, had loads of shots in the end.
  8. Taken in early April, 2018 in Oakhurst, CA. It was circling but gradually moving away from me. Hawk?
  9. My first visit to Yellowstone and came away with many fond memories, one of which is this magnificent blue Mountain Bluebird. I just joined a couple of weeks back and have been greatly helped by members of this forum who helped identify the birds that I photographed in my visit to the US last April/May. Thank you.
  10. Taken while on a Bahamas cruise, just pulling out of Miami. I terribly sorry for the bad shots, basically the only thing I have is the silhouette of the bird against a bright diffused sky. I'm thinking it's a Roseate Tern from the slimmer shape of the body and beak compared to the Common or Forster's Tern...
  11. Thank you... I logged this as Nuttall's Woodpecker - took this at Oakhurst, CA. Female I think. Can you please confirm. I've made so many mis-identification in my effort to sort out my photos taken from my trip last year... still at it.
  12. Early May 2018 in Washington DC at the Glover Archbold Park. I searched around trying to ID it but am not certain. My take is it's a Nuttall's Woodpecker but it's distribution seem to be confined to California ?? If not, could it be the Ladder-backed although I don't have a clear shot of it's back to see the barring and the red crown does not go all the way to the front...
  13. Thanks... Yes, they are beautiful, small though but a bird with a character. Sounds very much like the Common Tailorbird we have back home - small but makes a heck of a racket whenever it comes to my garden to eat the chillies my wife planted (she's given up ever harvesting them for our dinner table). It's constantly moving around and mighty hard to take a photo of... I've attached one that I took in Jan this year, near my house.
  14. Amazing… this is a gem of knowledge. Really appreciate it... as much as I love to sight birds, new ones at that, I love to find out more about their behaviour and if there is a piece of history or story behind them, all the better. Someone once asked me whether I'm more of a birder or a bird photographer, I am inclined to the former although I've been a photographer far longer than I've been a birder. Thank you.
  15. Early May 2018, somewhere at the Glover Archbold Park in Washington DC. I caught only 2 shots, the other one being even more blurry as the bird flew to perch on the tree with what I think is an insect in it's beak. In this pic, the eyes appear to be closed and there is a distinct white long eyebrow over it. You can just make out some insect or bug it has in its beak. This part of the forest is heavily canopied and everything looks greenish so I can't tell what the actual colour of the small bird is... olive? brown?
  16. Early May 2018 in Washington DC at the Glover Archbold Park (walked from the north end, the Newark Street Dog Park to the south till the Reservoir Road NW) 1st pic shows the bird on a branch, all wet from it's bath. I waited to see what it would do... 2nd pic shows it drying itself but then it flew back to the stream (3rd pic) and lastly 4th pic it flew to another higher branch, shook itself dry and then flew off. It's small... and the eyes are dark. It appears to have a slight whitish 'bib' or throat.
  17. Early May 2018 in Washington DC at the Glover Archbold Park (walked from the north end, the Newark Street Dog Park to the south till the Reservoir Road NW) The lighting was diffused although it is in the early afternoon. There is a small stream nearby and I'm up on the elevated bank shooting slightly downwards. The throat/chest seems to be orange/tan coloured which puts me off thinking it's the Wood Trush or the Swainson's Trush. Is it possible that this is a Veery or the Hermit Thrush... they all look remarkably alike except for minor features... unfortunately I cannot recall if the call/song of this bird, sorry.
  18. Early May 2018 in Washington DC at the Olmstead Woods beside the Nat. Cathedral
  19. I searched through my folders and I found several shots of this bird - this being the best - which is taken at the different time/place but same area. Is this the same bird... ?
  20. Thanks... it was quite 'fearless' as it went about foraging in the undergrowth over a wide area. I'm quite sure it was aware of my presence but it did not fly off, hence I was able to get pretty good shots of it.
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