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  1. This was just outside the hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (mid April 2018) during my visit to the Grand Tetons. Opposite the National Elk Refuge. Solitary bird on the tree. Added another photo. Can't see the 'red wing' - female? juvenile? Thanks.
  2. This is the female right? I found another few shots of the House Sparrow (now that I know what to look for) in my batch of photos
  3. Thanks... I'm gonna read up on Graylag Geese.... I love water fowls..
  4. Wow... I need to change my label.. 'blackbird' Haha... Thanks so much.
  5. Mid April 2018 at Salt Lake City. I think this is a sparrow but cannot tell which species... likely a female sparrow at that? Please help, thanks.
  6. Mid April 2018 at Salt Lake City. Shot this bird through my 2nd floor tinted room window.
  7. Mid April, 2018 at Salt Lake City. I just checked into my hotel and just behind the room is a pond and there are ducks out there. I am pretty sure #2 is a female Mallard but I do not see the male which is what made me doubt. Instead it was swimming near #1 and #3 which does not look like a male Mallard. From the shape of their beaks and the colours of their feathers it doesn't look like male Mallards in their non-breeding plumage either. So.. help! Thanks.
  8. Thanks! I read up a bit about this bird... very special indeed, more like a duck!
  9. Taken at Oakhurst CA, April 2018. Apologies for the bad shots - I had to zoom in on it. The bird is by a stream moving over the rocks in search of insects?
  10. Yup, the bird looks good... but would you be able to tell if it is a female Brewer's Blackbird?
  11. I know the males have the whitish/yellowish eyes but the females have black eyes but are brownish? I am quite confused here.. I'm guessing this is the female...
  12. Wow... I think I saw them when I was at San Francisco … thanks!
  13. Date - April 8, 2018 at Oakhurst, just before Yosemite was re-opened to the public due to some flooding.
  14. Taken on April 10, 2018 when Yosemite was just opened after the flood. I was staying at a lodge near to Mather, about 4 miles north of the Oak Flat Entrance to Yosemite. These are about the 2 photos that are reasonably 'good' for some identification. Thanks.
  15. Yes, I can confirm that.. same bird from a series of shots I took
  16. Thank you... I had the privilege of seeing it fly off soon after.
  17. April 15, I was driving along some of the roads just taking in the beautiful landscape and wildlife. Made a rest stop and as it started to rain I spotted this hawk or eagle
  18. I'm just taking a wild guess that this could be a kingfisher. I was on Bahamas cruise and this was taken while I was in Nassau. It was perched on the power lines and traffic was quite heavy moving right under it but it was not perturbed and remained there for quite a while.
  19. Wow! never expected a chickadee... my first! Lifer! Thank you.
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