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  1. Sighted the small skittish bird at the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco - at the Japanese Garden. Apparently feeding on insects or grub on the ground.
  2. Thank you. There is hope! My daughter is in the U of M, so it's either she comes home or I/wife/we go over for a visit.
  3. Date - April 20, 2018 in Denver. Walked around the hotel and this bird was right above me when I shot these 2 frames but it flew off when I tried to get a better angle. Need help to ID this bird, thank you .
  4. Thank you all for the help... this is a great first experience.
  5. Thank you. There is so much to figure out, sexual dimorphism is one, then some birds have breeding and non-breeding plumage and others like the Sunbirds we have locally may have an eclipse plumage... All the more to learn I guess. I so appreciate this. Looking forward to another trip at the end of the year... hmmm, might not get to see many birds since they migrate south right? Going to Minneapolis
  6. Haha... no worries.. but what about the 1st 2 pictures? Yellowish belly (minus the fancy hairdooo
  7. All the 4 pictures are the same bird? i.e. Northern Mockingbird?
  8. We went for a Bahamas cruise which included a stop at Key West which is where I spotted and photographed this bird high up on the electric pole. This is on April 26, 2018. I'm not sure if the 3rd and 4th photos is the same species or a different species of bird. Same vicinity.
  9. I visited the Roberts Bird Sanctuary in Minneapolis. I wished I had more time - came away with a few birds that I am not able to identify. Here is one of them. Only managed a couple of shots. It was moving laterally in front of me, about 30-40 feet away. I estimate it's size to be about 6 inches, plus/minus an inch or so. Shady area and plenty of other smaller birds around. Yellowish for the most parts with streaks on the neck, belly.
  10. I will defer to your expertise since I am not local to the US but am more familiar with tropical birds. I do have photos of what I think is the Oak Titmouse or Plain Titmouse and they're taken on that morning at roughly the same location. They look different, with the little 'tuft' on the head? Also, I've not done any enhancement that would change the colour in any way to the above pictures. Here is what I think is the Oak Titmouse.
  11. Taken on April 8/Sunday, late morning along some service roads behind the Yosemite Sierra Inn, Oakhurst. I've just got 2 shots before it flew away.
  12. Same vicinity and timeframe with my 1st post. Sighted this on April 8/Sun late morning, behind the Yosemite Sierra Inn, Oakhurst CA. Only a single shot before it flew off into the trees. I can't even be sure if this is a finch as most of the birds I encounter are new to me - I'm on a 6-week road trip from San Francisco to Denver. Could be a juvenile... thanks for any help to ID this.
  13. This was taking in April 2018 when I was at Oakhurst on my way to Yosemite. I took a walk behind my hotel (Yosemite Sierra Inn, Oakhurst) and this is one bird I am clueless about. It was about 11:30 am when I took this photo. The bird appears to be looking for insects/worms on the bark of this tree and is constantly moving up and around the tree as well as moving to other nearby trees. It appears to be alone.
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