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  1. With this extra cold weather down here we're getting some extra cool birds. We have a lot of these little dudes. Throwing in the titmouse just to give size perspective. As always, thanks a bunch! :-) Terry D.
  2. Austin Texas, yesterday Sept 20th. Thanks! :)
  3. Yep, really in Austin! They'll probably soon pave over the beautiful wild area that all these animals come from and build more dense housing. But for now, we get to see birds and deer and raccoons and foxes and armadillos and the two species of OWL we have.
  4. So far so good. After the demise of Wingscapes and their excellent bird cams I've found only one company that makes game cameras (SuspectGameCameras) with close up lens attachment. I'm just limping along fixing my broken close up game cams (Bushnell, Suspect, and Wingscapes) hoping something new comes along before I run out of useable cams. The old Wingscapes can usually be fixed by opening them up and burnishing / deoxidizing the switch and chip contacts. I have a few "Frankensteined" ones too, swapping parts from two dead cams to make one functioning one. TY for the ID on the bird! ♥ Terry D.
  5. Note the color on the wings. Maybe an immature starling? Obviously I'm puzzled! Austin Texas, July 13th 2022. And no, the temperature sensor on the camera isn't defective! Thanks! :) Terry D.
  6. Taken earlier this fall in Austin TX at a backyard feeder. Thanks! Terry D.
  7. Thanks! Really hard (for me!) to tell birds apart when they're in their dull winter plumage! Terry D.
  8. Only the one picture this morning. Nice to see something that isn't a house sparrow or a white winged dove (plague of both!) Austin Texas, yesterday noon. Major cold event here, down in the 20's overnight for days. Suburban location near a large swamp and mixed juniper / oak / ligustrum forest. Thanks in advance! :) Terry D.
  9. Austin Texas, 8AM this morning, 2 degrees C. Sorry for the crummy picture, I'll have a better one tomorrow if they return. Thanks in advance for your help! :) Terry D.
  10. Haven't seen a pale one like this before. Thanks! Terry D.
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