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  1. Northern flicker is probably the closest I've seen,  but I can't find any pictures where they are almost solid brown or with a white stripe on the back of the head. The bird I have seen has no spotting like what I've seen in flicker pictures.  The general shape and size of a flicker is similar though. I've seen a  bird like this over the last couple years. My stepdad says it's a wood thrush but the pictures of them don't look similar.  Thanks

  2. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of one. Almost all brown, slightly larger than a blue jay.  White vertical stripe on back of head, little bit of white on underside of tail, black band on throat/chest.  Tail is short, beak is kind of long and narrow, somewhat like a woodpecker.  I see them in southeastern Ohio from time to time, mostly in wooded areas.  I have looked in every book I can find and on this site, and can't find anything like it.  Thanks

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