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  1. "Boy, they sure weren't lyin' about that colonoscopy prep!!"
  2. "Whaddya mean?? I AM smiling!!"
  3. Clever ones so far. I'll choose a winner tomorrow evening.
  4. "Why can't I get anywhere? Hey, did that rascal Chuck put salt on my tail again??"
  5. "When they asked me at work if I wanted to get in the pool, I thought they were talking about football."
  6. "Hey guys, look...it's the flasher!"
  7. "Don't look so sad, George, we're almost done with this stakeout!"
  8. Is this a Red-tailed Hawk? Taken in SW Idaho from April '22. Thank you.
  9. I have had the same issue for a few weeks when trying to visit 'whatbird' website. As of today it's still unavailable. However, I just discovered a few minutes ago that 'forums.whatbird' is working. I don't get that but glad I've made it back here again.
  10. Roger & Fred were on tour with speaking engagements at wetlands nationwide after becoming the inspiration for the naming of Gooseneck of the Colorado River.
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