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  1. Please help with these gulls. I believe the first 3 are the same bird and the last 2 are the same one, as well. Taken during the fall in SW Idaho. Thanks in advance! #1 - #2 -
  2. From today in SW Idaho. (Both photos are of the same hawk.) Thanks all!
  3. Today in SW Idaho. ! - Barn Swallow? 2 - House Finch?
  4. Photos from today in SW Idaho. #1 - Bank Swallow or Northern Rough-winged, perhaps? #2 - Song Sparrow? Thanks for the help.
  5. This is from Boise, ID a few winters ago.
  6. Great Blue Heron at sunrise ( 'scuse, please, if this is a duplicate post).
  7. This was from the summer of '18 in SW Idaho.
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