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  1. Walter did not live up to expectations with his impression of a can opener on Birds Got Talent.
  2. I saved a mouse one cold winter from being stuck in a warm house. My house but not my mouse. I apologized to the critter for being evicted and then escorted it out the front door. Also, one time I released an American Coot from some fishing line that was wrapped around one of its legs. Another time I stopped in the middle of the road to rescue an injured dove that was being picked at by some crows. I thought it was dead but it wasn't, so I took it with me not knowing what I was going to do with it since I was on my way to work. I stopped at a gas station and by coincidence the driver of the vehicle next to me worked at a local bird rescue center. She took possession of the injured party and off to work I went.
  3. Horace is one of the first rear-prop Eagles found in the wild.
  4. We were out shooting and saw this guy on one of the canopy legs. I believe this is a Robber fly munching on some unlucky catch of the day.
  5. "How did we meet? Well, I advertised on Facebook for a body guard and he was the only applicant."
  6. "What do you mean, 'Why do they call you Tripod'?"
  7. @Bird Brain gets the win! It brought back memories of my youth when I worked with my father installing drapes.
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