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  1. At the competition Miss S. Piper said to her friend, "Hey, Marge, look at the muscles on that one!"
  2. When you keep stepping on your dance instructor's foot.
  3. John and Marsha try Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who gets the prize.
  4. Funny captions, as usual! This time the win goes to @MacMe for his 'Fart-and-Flee' technique. I was familiar with the action but not with that term.
  5. Thanks @HamRHead. OK folks, Caption this one -
  6. "I'm sorry officers, but I can't remember what he looked like. Everything is still a blur!"
  7. "After all those curls and STILL no bicep??"
  8. It was another difficult choice, but @Bird Brain you win with that Ancestry DNA result.
  9. Thanks, @Quiscalus quiscula. I posted this one in a different topic but thought it might be a good candidate for a caption.
  10. I never forgot the popular rule of thumb regarding tripods. It stated that there are 3 characteristics of tripods to look for, and they are: lightweight, low cost, and sturdy. Pick any two. For example, if it's lightweight and low cost then it won't be sturdy. If lightweight and sturdy, then it won't be low cost. And so forth. After saying that, Kodak has a 70" 2-in-1, 4-section aluminum tripod/monopod for around $50 on Amazon. It has some good reviews.
  11. I import photos into Lightroom directly from the memory card, arranged into folders by month/year, and assign keywords to each group as they are imported. I don't name folders based on the subject since there would be too many folders with duplicate names. Then I assign location tags in a batch format. This way every photo is searchable by either date, location, and/or keywords (as well as other data).
  12. Every morning John and Marsha would practice their harmony before performing their latest hit.
  13. "I really need to see a doctor about these fur balls!"
  14. Good captions, all, but I give the win this time to @MacMe who must be an art aficionado...of some sort.
  15. "No wonder I can't fly...anybody see who put that salt there??"
  16. I agree with this statement and from past experiences I stay away from third-party battery chargers, cables, and other accessories that deliver power unless the primary manufacturer has certified compatibility. As for lens hoods, those from a third-party would probably work fine if it fits properly and is made from a sturdy material.
  17. Walter was constantly berated for his poor manners after drinking a large soda.
  18. Thanks for the funny posts but I have to give @Clip the win on this one. I immediately remembered that song from my near high school days and thought it apropos. And yes, I entered geezerhood several moons ago!
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