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  1. "I only just found out about social media and heard that you're nobody without a selfie!"
  2. "Oh great...and I just graduated heron cum laude from swimming school!"
  3. "You'll be here when? OK, I'll keep an eye out for ya."
  4. "Oh man...how much did I have to drink last night??"
  5. Well, since you said "please"...
  6. Boy, they were tough to track!
  7. I looked forward to entering my photos in the competition every year, until last year, of course. I've won a few ribbons along the way so that just makes it more fun!
  8. For the last several years, when I still had my photo printer (RIP), each year I would print a couple of my best bird photos and have them mounted in order to enter them for the judging competition at our county fair. Also, I would include any photos I had with my eBird posts.
  9. "Round and round she goes, where she stops...Please stop soon!!"
  10. TBN wins this one...MOM, is that you??
  11. "Hey, Dad...when did you get that mullet?" "Say, WHAT??"
  12. This was really difficult, but I have to say @MacMe wins this one. Is there anything sadder than a duckling with low self-esteem?
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