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  1. Hey Kevin, just a point of interest - The USPS has not relied on taxpayer dollars for their operation due to the mandate that they be self-funded.
  2. It's been too long since I've been able to login but I finally made it back! This is one of my favorites overall, and certainly my favorite Barn Swallow shot.
  3. "Boy, they sure weren't lyin' about that colonoscopy prep!!"
  4. Clever ones so far. I'll choose a winner tomorrow evening.
  5. "Why can't I get anywhere? Hey, did that rascal Chuck put salt on my tail again??"
  6. "When they asked me at work if I wanted to get in the pool, I thought they were talking about football."
  7. "Hey guys, look...it's the flasher!"
  8. "Don't look so sad, George, we're almost done with this stakeout!"
  9. Is this a Red-tailed Hawk? Taken in SW Idaho from April '22. Thank you.
  10. I have had the same issue for a few weeks when trying to visit 'whatbird' website. As of today it's still unavailable. However, I just discovered a few minutes ago that 'forums.whatbird' is working. I don't get that but glad I've made it back here again.
  11. Roger & Fred were on tour with speaking engagements at wetlands nationwide after becoming the inspiration for the naming of Gooseneck of the Colorado River.
  12. Walter did not live up to expectations with his impression of a can opener on Birds Got Talent.
  13. I saved a mouse one cold winter from being stuck in a warm house. My house but not my mouse. I apologized to the critter for being evicted and then escorted it out the front door. Also, one time I released an American Coot from some fishing line that was wrapped around one of its legs. Another time I stopped in the middle of the road to rescue an injured dove that was being picked at by some crows. I thought it was dead but it wasn't, so I took it with me not knowing what I was going to do with it since I was on my way to work. I stopped at a gas station and by coincidence the driver of the vehicle next to me worked at a local bird rescue center. She took possession of the injured party and off to work I went.
  14. Horace is one of the first rear-prop Eagles found in the wild.
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