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  1. A professional stylist makes all the difference.
  2. My hat is off to you. The days for me doing that are long gone! ?
  3. Mentioning passion & patience...when I used to be on Instagram a few years ago, there was a professional birder who would often post spectacular photos she captured by wading slowly into the water with camera to get relatively close 'eye level' photos. Not my degree of passion, that's for sure!
  4. "Burrrrp...'scuse, please...happens every time I eat a shrimp cocktail!"
  5. This fella was eyeballing the sparrows at the feeder in my back yard. He was very patient but the sparrows dashed into a weeping pussy willow tree and remained within those criss-crossed branches until his patience ran out.
  6. Also, I just noticed that he has a new e-book available titled 'Stunning Bird-in-Flight Photography'. I have a couple of his other e-books and they are the best that I have read on their particular subjects.
  7. I highly recommend Steve Perry's website, which covers wildlife photography in general but he has a lot of info about bird photography including techniques and video tutorials. https://backcountrygallery.com/
  8. This one was so difficult, but Trevor wins this time.
  9. This is an oldie I found while looking over some past shots. It was during winter and I was quite surprised to see him at my feeder.
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