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  1. "OK, now you're standing straight. Thought for a minute it was I who had too much to drink!"
  2. Thanks @blackburnian. I had it in the Sparrow folder but suspected it could be the RWBL. I just didn't think the bill looked long enough.
  3. Is this a sparrow?...or a finch? From SW Idaho in June. Thanks for the help!
  4. I consider the day this photo was taken to be my best in the last 3 years. I watched him circle the lake, dive in (talons first) and struggle a bit, then extend his wings while still in the water and then fly right past where I was standing. What a show!
  5. I adjusted the highlights a tad since a small portion of the white stripe on the head and an even smaller portion of the whites on the wing were blown out. But the areas were small enough that I don't know if you can see the difference on your monitor. Here is my edited version: **Note: My monitor is calibrated with a colorimeter but when a file is uploaded to a website the colors may be altered in the process, and the monitor you are viewing it on may affect the colors, as well, if it's not calibrated.
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