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  1. We were out shooting and saw this guy on one of the canopy legs. I believe this is a Robber fly munching on some unlucky catch of the day.
  2. "How did we meet? Well, I advertised on Facebook for a body guard and he was the only applicant."
  3. "What do you mean, 'Why do they call you Tripod'?"
  4. @Bird Brain gets the win! It brought back memories of my youth when I worked with my father installing drapes.
  5. Go for it, @Seanbirds. That sounded just like a spoiled child.
  6. Last call for captions...I'll select one later tonight.
  7. Thank you @Tanager 101. Small bowel obstruction. NOT FUN! Actually, I just got home. So yay!! I can post a photo.
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