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  1. "Oops, I just stepped on your contact lens."
  2. "Hey, I just knew there would be a problem when you missed that class!"
  3. Really funny ones like these make for a difficult decision, but I have to give the win to @lonestranger.
  4. First, a balancing act ... ...then, down the hatch.
  5. "Mom, remember when you said don't pee in the pool? Well, uhmm...
  6. If I remember correctly, this is the Payette River along the road between McCall and Boise, ID.
  7. Kinda, sorta, almost in flight. These photos of swans are during their 'take off' run, but they were behind the tree after this so I couldn't get the complete sequence.
  8. On the way to work during winter, I had to stop and shoot these two trees showing hoarfrost effect.
  9. "I guess it's true what mom says...I DON'T know enough to come in out of the rain!"
  10. "Wait a minute, aren't I supposed to serenade you??"
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