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  1. @IKLland This photo was taken at the Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve in Boise, ID. @Seanbirds That would be a 'His'.
  2. "I got my tonsils taken out! Wanna see?"
  3. Not the best shot but this waxwing was so focused on that gnat, or whatever it is. There were several waxwings darting out from a tree, grabbing one of the many gnats in the air, and quickly flying back into the tree. I guess this could also be included in the category 'appetizer time'.
  4. One of my favorites. This waxwing flew in and was about 10 feet from where I was standing and stayed there to allow me to get a few shots. It looked like he was posing for me!
  5. The early morning sun in Idaho covered by smoke from one of the Northern California wildfires in Sept. 2017.
  6. "I've heard of chain-smoking but I haven't quite mastered the technique."
  7. "Did you see what happened to my belly-button?"
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