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  1. This was from SW Idaho, taken in August. Thank you.
  2. Please help with these gulls. I believe the first 3 are the same bird and the last 2 are the same one, as well. Taken during the fall in SW Idaho. Thanks in advance! #1 - #2 -
  3. From today in SW Idaho. (Both photos are of the same hawk.) Thanks all!
  4. Today in SW Idaho. ! - Barn Swallow? 2 - House Finch?
  5. Photos from today in SW Idaho. #1 - Bank Swallow or Northern Rough-winged, perhaps? #2 - Song Sparrow? Thanks for the help.
  6. This is from Boise, ID a few winters ago.
  7. Great Blue Heron at sunrise ( 'scuse, please, if this is a duplicate post).
  8. This was from the summer of '18 in SW Idaho.
  9. Funny, I even went through my list and didn't see it. Memory is the 2nd thing to go, huh! ?
  10. There's always one rebel in the group!
  11. From yesterday in SW Idaho at wetlands area. Thank you! #1 #2
  12. Another from a wetlands area in SW Idaho from last November. These were the best shots due to those darn branches! Thanks!
  13. Is the spot of color on the bill also an indication of which species of gull?
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