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  1. Another from a wetlands area in SW Idaho from last November. These were the best shots due to those darn branches! Thanks!
  2. Is the spot of color on the bill also an indication of which species of gull?
  3. From last November in wetlands area of SW Idaho.
  4. These were from today in SW Idaho. Thanks. #1 - Black-headed Grosbeak? #2 - is this a domestic duck?
  5. Seen this week flying over wetlands area in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  6. From this photo can these gulls be identified? It's from yesterday at a wetlands area in SW Idaho. Thanks in advance!
  7. These are from today at a wetlands area in southwest Idaho. Thanks for the help! #1 - Is this a female Bullock's Oriole? #2 - Please help identify (sparrow?) -
  8. I know this isn't a good shot for ID but it's the only view I had. This is from last week in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  9. These were all from Southwest Idaho in a wetlands area taken last week and this week. Thank you in advance. #1 - Is this a sparrow? #2 #3 #4 - This guy was swimming with a couple of adult Mallards close by, but I've never seen a blonde duckling like this before. #5 - Which Swallow? #6 - Again, which Swallow? #7 - Brown-headed Cowbird (?) #8 - Song sparrow (?)
  10. These were both taken in SW Idaho 1 week ago. Thanks in advance. #1 #2
  11. These were photographed last month in a wetlands area of Southwest Idaho. Thanks for the help!
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