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  1. Thank you. But was this stating the obvious? ?
  2. This was taken a few days ago in SW Idaho. I wondered if it was a Domestic with that coloring. Thanks for the help!
  3. These were from a wetlands area in SW Idaho about a week ago. Thanks for the help! #1 #2 & #3
  4. Please help ID those ducks swimming with the Hooded Mergansers. This was taken yesterday in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  5. These were all from today in SW Idaho. Thanks for your help with the ID's! #1 #2 - Is that mud on the bill? #3 #4 #5 #6
  6. This guy suddenly appeared on a backyard fence near where the bird feeders are. Is this a Cooper's? Taken today in SW Idaho. Thanks.
  7. This was from two weeks ago in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  8. During a past winter, here in Idaho, I saw a Northern Flicker at my backyard feeder when I had a suet cage. But that was one-time only, though.
  9. Thank you for the detailed reply Charlie! Goth mascara...perfect
  10. Is this a female Wigeon? Taken yesterday in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  11. There were several of these in the area and it was the first time I've seen them. Taken last week in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  12. These were strolling along a walking path today around a wetlands area in SW idaho. It was the first time I've seen these in this area.
  13. Is this an immature American Coot? From today in SW Idaho. Thanks!
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