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  1. This was from two weeks ago in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  2. During a past winter, here in Idaho, I saw a Northern Flicker at my backyard feeder when I had a suet cage. But that was one-time only, though.
  3. Thank you for the detailed reply Charlie! Goth mascara...perfect
  4. Is this a female Wigeon? Taken yesterday in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  5. There were several of these in the area and it was the first time I've seen them. Taken last week in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  6. These were strolling along a walking path today around a wetlands area in SW idaho. It was the first time I've seen these in this area.
  7. Is this an immature American Coot? From today in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  8. Is #1 a domestic duck and #2 a California gull? These are both from today in SW Idaho. Thanks! #1 #2
  9. Is #1 a common Sparrow and #3 a Downy Woodpecker? All from today in SW Idaho. Thanks! #1 #2 #3
  10. Thanks for the clarification link and also the kind words. ?
  11. Since the youngster here was being fed by a Yellow Warbler, I bet it's safe to say this is a young one. My question is whether a juvenile or immature? What's the difference, or are those descriptions interchangeable? Or...is a juvenile younger than an immature or vicey versy? Can you tell I'm a bit confused with those terms? Thanks for the help.
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