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  1. Is #1 a common Sparrow and #3 a Downy Woodpecker? All from today in SW Idaho. Thanks! #1 #2 #3
  2. Thanks for the clarification link and also the kind words. ?
  3. Since the youngster here was being fed by a Yellow Warbler, I bet it's safe to say this is a young one. My question is whether a juvenile or immature? What's the difference, or are those descriptions interchangeable? Or...is a juvenile younger than an immature or vicey versy? Can you tell I'm a bit confused with those terms? Thanks for the help.
  4. I cropped it a bit more and upped the exposure adjustment. It does lose some detail when uploading, so I hope this helps. Note: The head is a brownish color on my monitor.
  5. This is from last week in SW Idaho. Sorry for the poor quality photo. Thanks.
  6. The only herons I've seen here are the Great Blue and Black-crowned Night herons. Which one is this guy?
  7. This fella looked like he was testing his wings this morning, flying around for a few seconds and returning to the same tree (out of my sight, of course). From SW Idaho. Thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks for the ID's. I had my doubts that #3 might be a young male instead! Maybe I'll do better next time. ?
  9. These were all from today in SW Idaho. Thanks! #1 - What duck (or other duck-like critter)? #2 - Which gulls? #3 - My guess is female Red-winged Blackbird (I've been wrong with that guess before!).
  10. What Gull (if it is a gull)? Taken last weekend in SW Idaho. Thanks!
  11. This was taken during the month of June several years ago near Oklahoma City. Thanks for your help!
  12. With my limited knowledge I would have said a female adult. What distinguishes this from the female?
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