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  1. I noticed this one skitter in a tree while driving by. Yesterday in SW Idaho. Thanks.
  2. I also have been using the same cards for years without a card failure and without loss of files, and I reformat the cards in camera after every shoot once the images are on the computer. Memory cards can fail but I don't think it's very common for them to do that.
  3. There are computer apps that can recover deleted files if the files have been deleted but the card/drive hasn't been reformatted. After EVERY shoot I import the photos to the computer and then format my CF/SD card IN CAMERA, never on the computer. I also don't delete any images in camera, I only delete images from the computer after import. That way the camera image count will track with the image file number.
  4. @GracesWarbler A relative of your cattail sitter, probably singing the same song.
  5. "I'm not a good aim from afar, but this way I'll be sure not to miss!"
  6. "Are you staring at us?" "Yes. Are you staring at US ?"
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