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  1. "I'm not a good aim from afar, but this way I'll be sure not to miss!"
  2. "Are you staring at us?" "Yes. Are you staring at US ?"
  3. "You're gonna share, right?" "Yeah sure, we're known for sharing our food."
  4. Please ID this duck. First time I've seen these here (today in SW Idaho). Thanks.
  5. "Anybody catch the license number of that truck?"
  6. "Oh yeah? Well, I once caught a fish THIS big!!"
  7. Good point. Even discounting the eyes, the high contrast of the black/white feathers also makes it difficult. Most of my shots of magpies lose detail, if not in the whites then in the blacks. It's rare for me to get one where lighting is just right to give an acceptable balance.
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