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  1. You would have to change each checklist individually. However, I would urge you to not change their location. It is recommended that if you go birding within the range of a public hotspot, you use that hotspot. Might I ask why you feel the need to change the location?
  2. Ah, cool. I don't often see flocks or swallows or swifts so it is a game of burst mode and manual/autofocus.
  3. Lol I have a shutter speed set to at least 500 and the ISO ranges from 500-1600 depending on how bright the sky is. I use manual focus typically but autofocus works as well. What gear do y'all use?
  4. I agree. In field, I thought Tree Swallow until I saw the potential neckband.
  5. Yeah, the neckband, well, what might be one, is only visible in the third photo.
  6. Even with the neckband? Or is that a byproduct of the camera.
  7. Well, I've got swallow problems. I cannot ID two separate individuals seen this morning. The first set of three images are of the same bird. In field I thought Tree Swallow until I spotted a neckband on the third photo. Either Purple Martin or Bank Swallow. The second set of two images are of the same bird as well. When I first spotted it, I was going to call it a Barn Swallow but then noted the lack of a forked tail. Currently, the thoughts are either Purple Martin or Cliff Swallow. Although, Cliff Swallow is rare for my area right now. Both birds were seen on April 30, 2020, Camden County, New Jersey.
  8. I agree. I use the Canon 80D with the Canon 75-300mm. Which is a good lens by any means. A semi-decent budget lens.
  9. I don't think any of us took it as y'all being serious...
  10. This certainly hasn't gotten series, in fact, it's degraded lol.
  11. Lol, seriously though, that is a small problem with online sites. Ya never know if someone is a guy or a girl, especially in today's age...it is rather confusing. One of my best friends is a guy but I thought he was a she for a while because online...
  12. Hmm, I use my own pictures the vast majority of the time.
  13. My best list of the year: https://ebird.org/checklist/S55902526 Only 54 species but I'm not exactly a top birder and fyi this is my patch and self made hotspot, so I'm proud all the same. As for lifers on the year...I ended up with 41 lifers this year. Huh...most of which were warblers.
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