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  1. I'm going to be completely honest, I totally forgot about the contest until I saw the email...
  2. Holy cow that is an awe inspiring painting!!!
  3. Having a deadline honestly does help. Doesn't leave it open ended. I'll have it in before the week is out.
  4. Oh haha. Yeah, 'bout time I did something I said I was gonna do. Ooooh. I've only drawn a few ducks and they were decent but my skills are a bit rusty still. This'll be fun.
  5. Alright. A bit better. Thanks for that @HamRHead
  6. Welp, here is my attempt haha. Its been so long since I've drawn something, I'm somewhat ashamed of how this came out. Oh well, the more I do it, the better I become, eh? (Also the darn printer scanner ruined all of the beautiful colors.)
  7. Good to know. Just graduated high school so now I'll have the time to actually work on this haha.
  8. Oh, yeah, White-breasted Nuthatch, right?
  9. Aha...time to actually commit to something for once instead of saying I'll do it and not doing it, eh?
  10. Yikes...maybe I shouldn't ignore notifs from here, eh?
  11. Oops, misunderstood ya. Well, I think there are more aspects to why people are in such bad shape in the Western world outside of diet and lack of exercise and sleep.
  12. Hbu you means how about you. Sorry about that.
  13. Perhaps there are more moving parts. I plan on it. Hbu? That is, if you draw?
  14. For sure. We absorb all social media and the bad news and the jealousy that comes from seeing perfect bodied people with perfect lives on a daily basis. Then we eat processed foods, don't exercise, don't sleep. Couldn't possibly lead to an unhealthy culture.
  15. I do wonder if the eating disorders are a byproduct of our both physical and mental diets.
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