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  1. I wish it was a foggy day because that would excuse the bad photos, but it wasn’t. It was cloudy, but not to the extent that my pictures alone would have you believe.
  2. Yeah, he doesn't know how to edit his photos. He's not super great with technology.
  3. I do not need a lens. If the camera comes with more than one, that’s fine. Now I’m gonna go fiddle with my old photos to see if I can make them look... better.
  4. The first is mine. The second is my friend’s. Same bird in the same position at almost the same time, just slightly different angles.
  5. For Christmas, I asked for a new camera. The one I have currently is pretty old and doesn’t take great pictures, so I want to upgrade to a cheap but new camera. I’ll attach pictures of the same bird as examples, one being from my camera and one (the better one) being from a camera of smaller size. My mom doesn’t want to spend over $600, though a little over would be fine. Any suggestions?
  6. Um, definitely not a LBBG. Pink feet safely eliminates that as an option. This looks like Herring to me. Is it possible that one is closer to the camera than the other, accounting for the size difference?
  7. Coop. I got good looks at a juvenile from about six meters away recently.
  8. The first one is a Pine Warbler. The rest are goldfinches.
  9. It’s definitely not this bird, but it reminds of of a Crowned Slaty Flycatcher. It’s a solitaire, I think.
  10. Location and date are included in iNat sighting. I thought Great-tailed in the field, but have just been told that it could be Nicaraguan. Any way to tell the difference? http://www.inaturalist.org/observations/64566979
  11. It's been a while since I've been here. I saw this at Carondelet Park in Missouri (St. Louis). The photo makes it look kinda weird (my camera sucks). It looked more yellow in the field.
  12. I’m looking to find the best audio recording app for my iPhone. I’ve heard RecForge is good, but I think it may be Android-only, considering I can’t find it in the iOS store. What apps work best?
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