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  1. My bad, last I had checked it didn't work. Apologies!
  2. Hey guys. Let me preface this by saying that I think of AI-powered sound ID as an amazing TOOL and nothing more. I get so frustrated when people report rare birds, or really any bird at all, based on sound ID alone without any provided recordings. I find it useful for that period in the spring when I'm still remembering what migrants sound like, or for cases when I am going to be in a new area. Now, on to my question. I am going to be in Europe (Hungary, Austria, Czech Rep.) for a few weeks for a mission trip while also birding as much as I can. For the sake of efficiency, I want to have a sound ID app of some sort that can be used to help me a bit more with finding birds and identifying them (responsibly and within reason, of course). Unfortunately, Merlin does not currently have support for the Old World (as far as I can tell, anyway), so I need to find other options. One option I have found is BirdNET, which is decently well reviewed in the Apple App Store. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with that app, or has any recommendations for other options I can use. Normally I would just immerse myself in the region and learn as much as possible, but this is different. Since I'm going there for a mission trip, I want to be able to focus more on that when I need to, which means I need to be able to operate effectively in order to maximize the trip bird-wise. Any help or advice you guys can provide on apps/resources is greatly appreciated!
  3. I can't believe I forgot to include that part. My mistake!
  4. This is older (from early December of 2023), but I found this strange duck at Quail Hill Preserve. I got some pictures, but nothing beyond these. I thought it may be a domestic Mallard variant, which it probably is, but the smaller size is throwing me off. Usually the domestics I see are bigger. Any thoughts?
  5. It's just a Dunlin. There is a Curlew in Jersey right now, but based on the photos of that bird, this one doesn't look quite right to me. Sorry to disappoint.
  6. Maybe it's just the overexposure, but it almost gives the vibes of a Krider's? Definitely a Red-tailed Hawk, though.
  7. I would leave it as "tern sp." I'm trying to make it one or the other, but I just can't. It's giving more Common vibes, but that isn't really based on anything.
  8. This is tough. I'm having trouble seeing stuff for comparison of tail and primary length, and I've learned that bill color is arbitrary as all heck, so... I'm heavily leaning Common, but I can't say for sure. I'm off my game when it comes to tern ID.
  9. I was almost thinking Tricolored Heron. Someone tell me how wrong I am.
  10. I see what you mean, but it looks like some REVI can have lighter markings like that. It looks better for REVI to me, but that's just my two cents.
  11. I would agree with Gray Flycatcher for the same reasons.
  12. I'm definitely open to a monopod. Any recommendations?
  13. I recently was granted the ability to upload videos to eBird, and I think that I am going to do so much more, but I've noticed that stability with just my hands can be a problem for me, so I'm thinking of buying a tripod. However, I don't know what to buy. I could use the one from my scope, but my camera is fairly small (point-and-shoot) and that tripod is made for bigger equipment like a larger camera or scope. Additionally, I don't have my scope or tripod in California with me, so I would need to have my parents ship it to me if I wanted it. I also was wondering if there were options that are maybe smaller and easy to carry around. This is a big thing for me. I like to bird as light as possible, so something smaller and more compact that could then expand would be helpful. To make it easier to understand, I am looking for a tripod that: - rather convenient for travel/hiking (smaller or more compact and expandable would be nice) - relatively cheap if possible - hopefully rather stable Whatever advice you guys have, I will take. The only tripods I've ever had have been gifts or hand-me-downs, so the search for a new tripod is new to me.
  14. I had tried that. It's nice, but that kinda thing can be thrown off. For example, there is a local spot near my home where Red-necked Grebe is way higher than it should be because of one bird that got super highly reported. So they are absolutely helpful, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Though I will likely end up using it anyway.
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