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  1. Indeed. My dad saw one of these a couple days ago.
  2. @Aveschapinescan we move this to the out of NA section? Also, I’m not sure, but it looks like a kinglet from North America. Not sure if you get those over there.
  3. Can I get the link to that one? I have iNat, too.
  4. @Melierax is that another birding Discord server?
  5. It’s awesome going to somewhere you’ve never been for birding. I remember my trip to Costa Rica in March was a gold mine. Saw exactly 100 new birds. Green Honeycreeper pushed me over the 300 mark.
  6. I can’t, but there’s a really great app called iNaturalist. If you upload it there, someone usually IDs it fairly quickly.
  7. Hahahaha! But no, I didn’t violate any codes that I know of. My school’s system doesn’t have eBird blocked, so I took a screenshot of the picture and bam! It’s my background.
  8. I may or may not be attempting to deny responsibility 😁
  9. So I may or may not have made my school computer background this picture I took of some American Avocets not long ago.
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