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  1. I think you're correct on everything you guessed, and the blackbird looks like a Brown-headed Cowbird.
  2. Swainson's. The best ID point for me to use personally is the buffy eye ring.
  3. This incredibly confuses me. It has a 'flaring' supercilium and less dense breast streaking, which are traits I associate with LOWA. But then it has streaking on the throat, which I associate with NOWA. Is a hybrid possible?
  4. I can’t think of any bird that matches your description, particularly given size.
  5. Could just be wash from the water, or maybe pigmentation due to feeding, but I’m not sure.
  6. Both are domestic. The first looks like it has Swan Goose in it, and the second seems to have Greylag in it. Probably mixed a bit, though.
  7. Looks like a messy Sharpie to me.
  8. Western Wood, I think. In my experience, Olive-sided is much more bold.
  9. There was a spammer here, but they got banned. The original post wasn’t the spam.
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