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  1. These are all over the place. I see potential for with Wood Duck hybrids, Muscovy duck hybrids, or both. I’m no expert, though.
  2. I’m not 100% sure on the species, but great photos!!!
  3. Last week. Wetnzville, MO. The Passer looks like a hybrid House/Eurasian Tree to me, but I'm open to other thoughts.
  4. Aw, Charlie, no!!!! You’re the best!!!!
  5. Location? Date? Beyond that, I’m not an expert, but looking at pictures I’ve seen, I’m leaning Short-billed.
  6. That’s a Cockatiel. Judging by how friendly it was, it’s probably an escaped domestic.
  7. This is the second time I’ve seen the Double-breasted thing on this forum.
  8. First off, I see four Ross’s: the two circled and the two white ones in the center. It’s mostly a combination of general size and the size, shape, and color of their beaks.
  9. Do you still report it? I’ll be in SoCal soon and want to know just in case.
  10. I’m really not sure. Black-bellies is the most-likely for the area. I’d stick with that.
  11. Today. Eastern MO. https://imgur.com/a/VP2X6G5
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