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  1. Recently, the American Birding Association accepted the Indian Peafowl into the ABA area due to this breeding population.
  2. I've got more pictures. Looks like a Ross's Goose without part of its wings. Should I call the local bird sanctuary to pick it up? I don't think it's ever gonna be able to fly again. The wing doesn't look clipped. It looks gone.
  3. I’m taking my camera to the pond tomorrow since it’s right by where I work. It was still there as of tonight. Hopefully I’ll get some better shots tomorrow.
  4. Too far south for a Canada Jay. By the way, the name was recently changed to Canada Jay.
  5. Leucistic grackle, for sure. You can see the typical plumage bleeding through on the head and back.
  6. Ravens have much larger bills, I believe. A crow would fit much better for this ID.
  7. I would say Black-chinned, but wait for more responses.
  8. This was seen for the last couple days near O’Fallon, MO in a local pond among Canada Geese and Mallards. My friends insisted it was a swan, but it obviously isn’t. I initially thought it was a domestic Mallard, but the neck is too long and the bird itself is larger than the Mallards. There are two cropped photos. One shows a image of the bird in question among the geese and Mallards for size reference.
  9. Try not to bring back topics from months ago.
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