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  1. Just based on flight posture, my gut says Turkey (at least the one on the left).
  2. Thinking Leach's, but not sure. Can anyone help me with this one?
  3. Me too! I didn’t want to say it but glad to hear someone else thought the same thing.
  4. That was my first impression also. But I'm questioning myself. Something just seems "off" about the bill and the posture for Wilson's Plover to me. I considered Spotted Sandpiper, but that doesn't seem right either.
  5. Merlin is saying Iceland or Glaucous-winged. I just don't know how to distinguish them.
  6. Could the bird on the left possibly be a Pelagic Cormorant?
  7. Dragon49 Listen to some recordings of the vocalizations of both types of crows. They are VERY different and with just a bit of experience, they are EASY to tell apart. With that, you will quickly get TWO new birds on your life list! Good luck!
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