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  1. Small sandpiper in agricultural field 15 or more miles inland.
  2. I have trouble distinguishing Semis from Sanderlings if I don't have some size reference. Any pointers?
  3. Do you have a location for these birds? To me, the bird just above dead center with the profile showing looks like its bill is too long for a sanderling. Maybe a western?
  4. Sorry! I should know better. St. Augustine, FL this past Tuesday.
  5. Can anyone confirm, or set me straight?
  6. Try listening to some recordings of the call of the Clapper Rail. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Clapper_Rail/sounds
  7. From now on, I'm calling them Blue Spacebirds.
  8. YES! And they seem to LOVE bottlebrush.
  9. The song of American Redstarts is often likened to a sneeze. You could try that.
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