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  1. White-rumped is my guess. Little bit larger than the least, and with the eye stripe.
  2. For #1 ... If I saw that here in Florida, I'd call it an Eastern Phoebe, but would be open to other suggestions. Or maybe a Pewee.
  3. What is the location here? Whatever the hawk is, it looks to be much larger than than the crow.
  4. Not much help, but both look like flycatchers to me.
  5. Ooh yes! That’s what I was hoping for! The Semipalmated Sandpiper is a LIFER for me!
  6. Small one (with larger Sanderlings for size comparison).
  7. Greater tend to have longer, slightly upturned bills. I don’t see that here, which makes me think Lesser, but sometimes the photo angle makes it hard to see the bill curvature, if there is any.
  8. Yes. Same bird. Flew from one pine to another. Thank you. I'll go with summer.
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