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  1. I know I should have checked with you guys before posting all over Facebook that I have Purple Finches in my backyard. But here in North Florida, that's kind of a big deal. So, please tell me these are Purple Finches.
  2. Don't we all. Those Pine Warblers get me all the time, especially this time of year when they don't seem to look or act like Pine Warblers!
  3. I can't see the change in color from the back to the tail as would be expected for a Hermit. But it might be the lighting. Maybe gray-cheeked? Do they have those in CA?
  4. Looks like a female painted bunting to me.
  5. Not a dumb question at all. I just saw this for the first time myself a few days ago. And the birds were very high up so it took a while for me to convince myself they were gulls. It's what I love about birding. There is ALWAYS more to learn!
  6. Ebird has this marked as rare, but it looks to me like it's cooked to perfection.
  7. I plan to see an Ovenbird in my kitchen, later this week.
  8. From July. Garfield County, Utah. (Panguich Lake)
  9. Hear! Hear! The people here are so great and have helped me so many times.
  10. Really bad bird photography is my jam. What can I say. ;)
  11. That's what I thought also. But the white throat patch (in the 1st and 3rd photos) and the relatively bold streaking on the breast had me second guessing Saltmarsh.
  12. So sorry for the HORRIFIC photos. But ...... Today in NE Florida. Would you go with Saltmarsh or Nelson's?
  13. Yeah. There was another one out there (that I didn't get a picture of) with the yellow face. Just hoping maybe one of the photographed ones might get me there.
  14. I originally reported all three on eBird as Seaside Sparrows, but I was hoping maybe one might be a Saltmarsh Sparrow.
  15. St. Augustine, FL - 11-13-20. Marshy estuary habitat.
  16. Thanks for any help. My lack of sparrow id knowledge is downright Emberizing.
  17. Yes, I know. Dowitchers, Knots, Plovers, etc. But I'm specifically asking about the larger bird in the top photo. Sorry for the confusion.
  18. A friend of mine saw this a few days ago. The smaller birds are Western Sandpipers, but what is this larger one?
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