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  1. Ooh yes! That’s what I was hoping for! The Semipalmated Sandpiper is a LIFER for me!
  2. Small one (with larger Sanderlings for size comparison).
  3. Greater tend to have longer, slightly upturned bills. I don’t see that here, which makes me think Lesser, but sometimes the photo angle makes it hard to see the bill curvature, if there is any.
  4. Yes. Same bird. Flew from one pine to another. Thank you. I'll go with summer.
  5. You took all that extra time being helpful with the link! That’ll teach you. 😜
  6. Have a look at Painted Bunting. Could that be it?
  7. Little blue for sure. Wow! What a great looking bird!
  8. The photos don’t even NECESSARILY need to be all that great. Even getting a bunch more low-res, crummy photos would help greatly.
  9. 3. Looks like a herring gull to me. Or maybe lesser black backed.
  10. I would suggest checking photos of red-shouldered hawks to look for a possible match. Your description fits and the behavior and diet fits too.
  11. I would guess Black-bellied Plover because of the thicker bill (although the angle might be misleading). But I've never seen an American Golden, so I'll wait for the experts to chirp in.
  12. Could it be a gnatcatcher? Can’t really see how long the tail is, but, with some imagination, there is almost an eye ring visible in the second photo.
  13. Great. That was my novice opinion. Good to get confirmation. Thank you.
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