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  1. Greater for sure, with the slightly upturned bill.
  2. Looks like a Herring to me. But sometimes a juvenile Great Black-backed gull can confuse me. You might check on that.
  3. I have no idea, but I’d love one of our experts to help us out with what important characteristics they’re using to ID this bird.
  4. I think you’re correct. Great picture. They never look like that here in Florida.
  5. Second one. Very tentative golden winged warbler. But I certainly wouldn’t bet my reputation on it. (Not that I have much of one.)
  6. Yes. These are sanderlings. But I just had to comment how much I love this photo. They seem to be doing a choreographed routine!
  7. Looks like a boat tailed grackle. Bluish sheen and dark eye.
  8. Saw this bird in north Florida. March 23. Is it common to have yellow in the face? It’s not something I’ve seen before.
  9. Unfortunately, I clicked ... checked the screen ... looked back up and the bird was gone. And no vocalizations either. All I can say is that, even though he was WAY up in a dead pine, he was fairly small. Roughly 6 inches.
  10. At first I thought Eastern Phoebe because of the size, but the head doesn't seem dark enough. And it was much too small for Great Crested.
  11. March 29, 2019. St. Johns County, Florida.
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