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  1. BBC Photographed this bird at my Hummingbird feeder 6-1-2019 in Avondale, Arizona DSC_0899 (2) by R. Tompkins, on Flickr
  2. BBC Chuckwalla Lizard, White Tank Mountain Regional Park; Buckeye, Arizona. Chuckwalla Lizard by R. Tompkins, on Flickr
  3. Thank you, hbvol50 and IvoryBillHope that's what I was told. A very rare bird in the USA, and a lifer. Thanks once again!
  4. BBC Photographed this Hummingbird 4-29-2019 in Hereford, Arizona. Thanks for the help DSC_0746 (2) by R. Tompkins, on Flickr
  5. BBC White-lined Hummingbird Moth 3-17-2019. DSC_0020 (2) by R. Tompkins, on Flickr
  6. BBC Photographed this bird March 16, 2019 at Tres Rios Wetlands near Avondale, Arizona. Sorry for the poor photo, it was the best I could get before it flew off. Thanks. DSC_1013 (2) by R. Tompkins, on Flickr
  7. BBC Vermilion Flycatcher Vermilion Flycatcher by R. Tompkins, on Flickr
  8. BBC White-lined Hummingbird Sphnix Moth 3-7-2019 White-lined Hummingbird Sphinx Moth by R. Tompkins, on Flickr
  9. BBC Photographed this bird 2-21-2019 in Avondale, Arizona. I believe it is a Warbler, but fall colors can throw me off. Thanks. DSC_0564 (2) by R. Tompkins, on Flickr
  10. BBC Photo taken in early Feb. 2019 in Avondale Arizona. Thanks! DSC_0443 (3) by R. Tompkins, on Flickr
  11. BBC Costa's Hummingbrid; Avondale, Arizona. Photo taken 2-6-2019. Costa's Hummingbird by R. Tompkins, on Flickr
  12. Agree with The Bird Nuts its a flycatcher Black Phoebe. Nice photo.
  13. Photographed this bird at Estrella Mountain Regional Park; Goodyear, Arizona.
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