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  1. I live in Columbus, Ohio, in case you want to know.
  2. I have always been curious about birds nesting. I heard a male robin making a mating call this morning(very song like call). So far I haven't seen the robins though. Out of all the birds that I see, the one that I am most likely to see nesting is the robin. Robins are more used to people and they often nest in backyards. I don't have a yard, just a porch that is hard like concrete. It has recently rained in my area and it is going to rain again within the next few days. How can I attract a pair of robins to nest on my porch? I would imagine that leaving berries out could work to attract robins to the area. Only problem is, the squirrels would probably get to the berries before the robins even got a chance to. Speaking of squirrels, I have to somehow squirrel proof the area around the nest while the robins are nesting(if I even sucessfully get a pair to nest on my porch). Once the babies fledge, squirrels won't be as big of an issue. And I know to have something soft right by the nest in case a baby bird falls out and to lessen the impact on the fledglings. So how can I get a pair of robins to nest on my porch? I know robin nesting season is fast approaching. And just in case one of you is a european who responds to this, the robin that I am referring to is the American Robin.
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