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  1. Was losing light and could only get a shot from almost directly underneath. In NW Ohio near Lake Erie. Thanks!
  2. Should be easy ID but conflicting info from the wizard! In NW Ohio near Lake Erie. Thanks!
  3. Sorry, but all I could get of this warbler quickly hopping deep in a tree is his black-and-white back end. In NW Ohio near Lake Erie. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  4. A warbler hiding in the trees in NW Ohio near Lake Erie today. A Tennessee Warbler? Thanks!
  5. A couple of additional pictures to help determine if my sighting was a Blackpoll or Bay-Breasted Warbler. In NW Ohio by Lake Erie today. Thanks!
  6. Couldn't get this warbler out in the open. Need some trained eyes! NW Ohio near Lake Erie today. Thank you
  7. Can't make an ID on this warbler - Blackpoll, Bay-Breasted, or something else? In NW Ohio near Lake Erie today. Thanks!
  8. A juvenile gull on the Lake Erie coast in NW Ohio today. Thinking that it's a Herring Gull. Thanks for any help!
  9. Taken from a long distance in NW Ohio near Lake Erie. Don't know enough to distinguish between Forster's or Common Tern. Thanks for any help.
  10. Here's another picture with three of them.
  11. Checking to see if this is a female/immature Northern Shoveler. Seen in Central Ohio today from a long distance. Thanks in advance!
  12. Took this today just outside the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago IL (in low light in the rain - other than that ...). A juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron?
  13. Actually is it an Eastern Phoebe?
  14. Captured this bird this morning in Central Ohio. Merlin passed on it. A flycatcher of some sort?
  15. Need confirmation that this is a Willow Flycatcher. Photo captured today in Central Ohio. Thanks in advance!
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