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  1. Central Ohio today. From tail, appears to be juvenile bluebird.
  2. I believe it's an Eastern Phoebe but wondering what specifically distinguishes it from an Eastern Wood-Pewee.
  3. Appreciate the info. Thanks for taking the time!
  4. Just parts of this warbler in NW Ohio today (2 pics). Thanks for any help.
  5. Thought this might be a hairy woodpecker in NW Ohio today, but the markings don't seem quite right.
  6. Here are the final birds from NW Ohio - Lake Erie area today. Guessing they are Song Sparrow, Yellow Warbler, and, well, no guess on third.
  7. Here's another one from today's adventures. Looks like a Tree Swallow but the brownish color threw me off. NW Ohio - Lake Erie area today.
  8. Need some help ID'ing this sparrow in NW Ohio - Lake Erie area. Taken today.
  9. Want to make sure that these are Purple Martins, male and female, actually using a Purple Martin house. Lake Erie shore in NW Ohio today.
  10. Just want to make sure that this bird in Central Ohio today is a Cooper's Hawk and not a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. Thanks!
  11. Saw this bird from a tough angle in Orlando FL today. Thanks for any help!
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