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  1. With Northern Waterthrush being a lifer for me I took off with camera in hand and setup until I finally got a picture of this guy. While waiting to get a shot I checked my phone to see if there was anymore replies to this post and found what Bird Nuts had posted. After a short wait I was able to grab a couple shots with my camera then snagged a couple video clips. Thanks guys!! Here's the clips to confirm The Bird Nuts ID. Untitled.mp4
  2. Thanks akandula. It does sound a lot like one of the Northern Waterthrush files in iBird. Would it be uncommon for the waterthrush to stay around a pasture grown over with high grass and briars? There is a small creek a couple hundred yards away. This bird has been in the trees along the fence line of this field for the last couple weeks. Thanks again.
  3. Today in southern Greenville county SC. Thanks!!! 833AB204-2F3B-4F59-88FC-74A818767BFD.mp4
  4. Thanks for the help and insight. You guys always point out the many ways to ID birds that are often overlooked.
  5. This pic was taken July 7 of last year in Nipissing, Ontario. Only got two shots before bird flew and both were from the backside. Thanks in advance!!!!
  6. Thanks guys!!!!!! This forum is a tremendous resource!!!!!!
  7. These photos were taking near Antelope Lake near Taylorsville CA. The area was made up of lots of boulders and dead trees. Bird was close to 150 yards away and the rock outcropping was creating lots of heat waves resulting in very poor image quality. I was hoping to find a rock wren. The upturned tail, shorter bill and fact that it was nesting in a tree cavity makes me lean more towards house wren. Thanks in advance for ID assistance!!!
  8. Birdbrain22, With that being said about the vest being visible, would this be an olive-sided? Most of the photos I’ve seen show the vest being a little darker than you see in this photo. This was taken the day before the other photo.....Just outside Susanville CA. Thanks !
  9. Photo take yesterday on Antelope Lake near Taylorsville, CA. Thanks in advance for help with ID.
  10. Spotted these on 6/17/19 near the northern entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Thanks in advance for ID assistance.
  11. These birds were very vocal. Merlin audio samples for the Marbled Godwit were a spot on match. Thank you very much!!!!
  12. Spotted outside Salem ND in two groups of three on 6/16/19.
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