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  1. The first set of photos appear to show a Hoary Redpoll due to the lack of dark markings on the undertail coverts, although I would wait for more opinions.
  2. The relatively clean gray nape, buffy coloration, and strong facial pattern all point to Clay-colored in my opinion.
  3. First and last images are of Least Sandpipers, and all in between show Western. Also Semipalmated Plover in pictures six and seven.
  4. The wings definitely look too short for a Black-chinned. I don’t think a hybrid could be confirmed here either, so I would tentatively say Ruby-throated.
  5. Hummingbird is a female/immature Rufous, and the other is indeed a Black-headed.
  6. Hi all, This was photographed in southern Oregon where a Broad-tailed would be very unusual. Is this a female Broad-tailed, or just an odd female Rufous? Thanks
  7. Maybe a Pacific-Slope? The angle is difficult.
  8. Hi all, I observed this bird today in eastern Oregon. In the field it struck me as being noticeably drabber gray than the nearby Least Sandpipers. The bird sported yellow legs, eliminating other peeps. I wondered about the possibility of a Temminck's Stint, although this is perhaps wishful thinking. The first picture shows a LESA on the left and the mystery bird on the right. Although it is blurry, you can discern what appears to be black markings on the scapulars which I think are indicative of a Temminck's?
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