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  1. Yep, looks like a Snow x Cackling. Ross’s x Cackling would be smaller with a dinkier bill and less prominent grin patch. Snow x Canada would be noticeably larger than a Cackling with a heftier bill.
  2. The bird on the left in the last pic is actually a White-crowned Sparrow.
  3. The bird on the left looks like a good candidate for a Greater to me. The bill is very wide with an extensive black nail. The position of the eye on the head as well as the head shape (although the latter isn't too helpful given that it's foraging) also point toward GRSC.
  4. This is actually a Clark’s Nutcracker.
  5. Agreed, 2 is definitely a Gadwall.
  6. Never mind those dark inner primaries are diagnostic for LBBG. I was just looking at it on a really small screen.
  7. #2 doesn’t strike me as a Lesser Black-backed. I’d go with Herring.
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