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  1. These are actually Swainson's Hawks!
  2. Looks like a normal juvenile coot, which has a pale gray head contrasting with a darker body.
  3. Looks better for a Summer Tanager imo. Bill is very hefty, and the wings don’t look too much darker than the body. Also, eBird bar chart data shows Scarlet aren’t at Sabal Palm Sanctuary until the beginning of April, whereas Summer apparently overwinter.
  4. Hi all, I observed this bird near Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand among a large duck flock. I was considering the possibility of a Mallard x Paradise Shelduck or some odd domestic Mallard. Thanks!
  5. What about juvenile Common Grackle? The bill looks a tad thick for Brewer’s.
  6. Oh yep, definitely a Lesser Goldfinch with that second pic. My bad.
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