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  1. Both look like Cooper’s Hawks. The first is an adult and the second a juvenile.
  2. Looks like a dark morph Red-tail rather than Harlan’s, but not sure.
  3. That’s generally true, although there’s some overlap so I wouldn’t rely on that alone for an ID. With that being said, I’d feel pretty confident calling most of these Greater based on head and bill shape.
  4. Most of the scaup look like Greater, but it's difficult to confirm given these photos alone. 1-2. Bufflehead 3-4. Lesser/Greater Scaup 5. Scaup + Red-breasted Merganser 6. Scaup 7-8. Scaup + Gadwall
  5. Doesn’t look like it is a domestic or hybrid. Female MALL can be variable in plumage color, and this just seems to be on the grayer end of the spectrum. The lighting might also be a factor as well.
  6. I agree with kinglet here based on bill shape and prominent eye ring, although it is from a difficult angle so hard to say.
  7. That looks like more of a Richardson's to me with the head shape and pale silvery breast. I suppose the bill might be a slightly more chunky/thick than a typical Richardson's (more of a Taverner's look), but in CO I probably wouldn't hesitate calling this a Richardson's. Of course it's hard to say definitively that this isn't an intergrade.
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