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  1. Thanks! I agree a few of these birds definitely look intermediate with features of several different subspecies. The sloping head shape of the third bird did concern me for Aleutian, so maybe some odd intergrade or aberrant bird.
  2. Hi all, I was sorting through a flock of mostly Richardson's Cackling a few days ago along the Front Range in Colorado and noticed a few interesting birds. Thoughts? Thanks! Bird #1: Maybe just an aberrant Richardson's, but slightly darker with a slim, un-indented cheek patch and prominent gular stripe. Bird #2: Noticeably larger and heftier than surrounding Richardson's with a noticeable neck collar and hint of a gular stripe. Bird #3 (photos 3-5): Looks similar to an Aleutian I photographed here several years ago. Noticeably darker, orangey chested, larger than Richardson's with an un-indented cheek patch and very prominent gular stripe.
  3. Both look like Cooper’s Hawks. The first is an adult and the second a juvenile.
  4. Looks like a dark morph Red-tail rather than Harlan’s, but not sure.
  5. That’s generally true, although there’s some overlap so I wouldn’t rely on that alone for an ID. With that being said, I’d feel pretty confident calling most of these Greater based on head and bill shape.
  6. Most of the scaup look like Greater, but it's difficult to confirm given these photos alone. 1-2. Bufflehead 3-4. Lesser/Greater Scaup 5. Scaup + Red-breasted Merganser 6. Scaup 7-8. Scaup + Gadwall
  7. Doesn’t look like it is a domestic or hybrid. Female MALL can be variable in plumage color, and this just seems to be on the grayer end of the spectrum. The lighting might also be a factor as well.
  8. I agree with kinglet here based on bill shape and prominent eye ring, although it is from a difficult angle so hard to say.
  9. That looks like more of a Richardson's to me with the head shape and pale silvery breast. I suppose the bill might be a slightly more chunky/thick than a typical Richardson's (more of a Taverner's look), but in CO I probably wouldn't hesitate calling this a Richardson's. Of course it's hard to say definitively that this isn't an intergrade.
  10. First one is a Ring-billed, and the second looks to be a young Lesser Black-backed, which are uncommon but regular along the CO Front Range (which I presume is where you photographed this bird). Nice!
  11. Hi all, I photographed a flock of Taverner's CACG several years ago in CO. Recently I have looked back at one of the photos and am now not sure. It is certainly not a straightforward Taverner's with a rather long bill and steep forehead, but I think it could still be one. Or it might be one of those Canada x Cackling-like tweeners. Thoughts? Thanks! https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/51113651
  12. This looks like a female Eurasian to me based on the overall ruddy plumage, lack of noticeable breast contrast, no black at bill base, and what appears to be white in the wings (inner secondaries?) rather than gray.
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