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  1. Yep, most of the “Eastern Phoebes” breeding in the Front Range Metro Area appear to be hybrids (or so I’ve heard).
  2. This looks like a White-rumped Sandpiper. Great shot!
  3. Yep, this is a young American Robin.
  4. This looks better for a Spotted Towhee.
  5. Yeah, the calls were repeated continuously for the several minutes that I was listening.
  6. Hi all, I heard this song emanating from a residential community near Boulder last summer. Perhaps some sort of domestic household bird? Thanks.Unknown Lake Park Summer.wav
  7. Yes, this is a chickadee with that black-and-white head and long tail.
  8. The first bird is a Western. Second might be a Cassin’s - do you have any more pics?
  9. I’ve never heard of plumbeus having black ears, but if they do than that is probably what this is. Online sources say that juvenile black-eared occasionally get into Colorado, although I’m not seeing any eBird reports of them there.
  10. I agree with Tony that this bird is a scaup/Ring-necked Duck rather than a Ruddy.
  11. Hi all, I photographed this bird yesterday near Boulder, CO. I think it might be the "Black-eared" subspecies of Bushtit, which seems to be under the title "melanotis Group" on eBird. I have no experience whatsoever with this subspecies, so maybe I have it wrong. Thanks!
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