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  1. Okay, well the range map shows them in CA. Sorry I tried...
  2. Is this not a Black-throated Green Warbler? Probably wrong, but it was the first thing I thought of...
  3. summer tanager going thru puberty... storms coming, gray and overcast. hope he comes back when the sun is out!
  4. Took these a couple days ago at Lost River Cave in Warren Co, KY and am now in a quandary over-thinking what I'm looking at. My initial thought was Chipping Sparrow. But then the brow looked yellowish as well as the undertail. So I moved on to Palm Warbler, but that doesn't feel right either. So now I'm just confused....lol. Share some brilliant insight with me please.... Thanks
  5. Just hit 100 with a Wilson's Warbler and Northern Waterthrush! And both were Lifers.
  6. YAY! Another Lifer. Thanks @Tanager 101 And #100 on my year list! Not too bad for a "1 county" birder lol
  7. I knew there was another one I wanted to ask about...Is this a Wilson's Warbler? Thanks
  8. YAY! The Waterthrush is a lifer, Magnolia is a first this year. Thanks.
  9. @Charlie Spencer Yup, that's the one I was looking at..
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