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  1. New guest at the feeders during the deep freeze here in Southern KY.
  2. @Kevin duh again. I do know that's a purple finch, but we had a discussion back then about it being yellow. My brain on Covid....
  3. Made a road trip to Texas between Christmas and New Years. The pics are terrible, taken from a moving car--the husband was driving. There were hundreds in the fields off I-40 between Little Rock and Memphis. Thought maybe someone from around there could enlighten me on what they were. thanks
  4. @Seanbirds my bad, you're right. One bunting shot in the middle of about 30 grosbeak shots--duh.
  5. This guy was at my feeders today in Bowling Green, KY. When I first saw him I thought someone had pooped on his head. Just wanted to share my unusual visitor.
  6. 2 new ones/lifers/yard birds over the last 48 hours here in Bowling Green, KY: Fox Sparrow and Pine Siskin . Please let me know if I've Id'd them incorrectly. 🙂
  7. Southern Kentucky got a bit of snow today and I think every bird in a 5 mile radius showed up at the feeders. So, in honor of our first flurries of 2020, Finches in the snow...
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