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  1. Wowsers! Thanks so much for the ID. That's another one for the list!
  2. So sorry, I'm in South Central Kentucky--Bowling Green specifically. And it was taken this morning.
  3. caught the whole family this morning....one standing watch (upper right) 2 more bottom left chowing on a cicada. Just thought I'd share.
  4. Low light, just after sunrise this morning in Kentucky.
  5. oh duh! I feel pretty silly now... Thank you and I'll add another new one to my list!
  6. I live in the county, surrounded by farmland, pastures, woodland and an Orchard and with a few exceptions, all the pictures I post are taken on my road. I've identified and photographed about 55 different birds just taking morning walks. Everyday I try to spot a new one or get a better shot of one I've already identified. I'm seriously hooked.
  7. Cool. Thank you. That's another new one.😊
  8. Taken yesterday in Bowling Green, KY.
  9. Sorry about this errant post...my Mastiff bumped my arm.
  10. Sorry about the other post, my Mastiff bumped my arm. lol Taken a couple days ago in Warren Co., KY. I've been trying to make the id and just want to confirm.
  11. taken today, Shanty Hollow Lake, Warren Co, KY
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