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  1. hmmm. They were 6 frames apart with not so great shots in between them. However, they were dropping below the tree line and popping back up. Never saw both at the same time. Thanks for the correction. Feeling a bit silly, so I'll pay closer attention to what I'm doing in future posts. Thanks
  2. Went back thru my pics. I guess I missed this one. Pretty much leaves no doubt it's a Red-shouldered Hawk. duh Thanks again.
  3. I took these yesterday and today in Warren Co. Ky (about an hour north of Nashville). I believe that the first is a Broad-winged Hawk and the second a Red-tailed Hawk. The third I think is a Red-tailed but just thought I'd check. The Hawks around here have been making the Crows crazy the last few days. Thanks.
  4. Thank you VRVan and Charlie for helping this old dog learn some new tricks. 😊 I've always loved watching birds and considered myself generally knowledgeable...until last year when I found this site. lol. I'm still working on my photography skills which I currently rate as "picture taker." Last year, with the help of all you wonderful people at Whatbird , I was able to id nearly 70 different birds just taking walks on my street. I live in the county and am surrounded by a combination of Woods and pastureland with ponds and everything in between all in a bend of the Barren River. It's turned into a treasure hunt of sorts, trying to spot something new everyday. And my life adventure is about to take a huge turn as I will soon be moving to the Piney Woods of NE Texas with a whole new list of treasure to discover. So, thanks again for the explanation and for helping this budding bird watcher expand her knowledge base....
  5. I took this today (same bird/2 pics). When I pulled up images of yellow-rumped warbler, it also discussed the myrtle warbler. So I was hoping someone could explain this to me. Am I understanding correctly that there are multiple kinds of yrw, and this one is the myrtle variety? Sorry if this is a silly question--I'm just trying to learn. thanks
  6. Kept catching flashes of him this morning, but he finally set still long enough to get a pic. I'm about an hour north of Nashville in southern Kentucky, surrounded by woods and pasture land.
  7. Thanks Kevin. I thought it was a Indigo Bunting, the first this year, but thought the beak was the wrong color. Thanks for the pic/reference.
  8. This raggedy looking blue bird showed up at my feeder this morning. I am in South Central Kentucky and have a variety of "blue" birds that hang out--Blue Jays, Indigo Buntings, Eastern Bluebirds among them. It's pretty overcast and ugly here this morning, and the pics are thru a window (that obviously needs cleaned lol). So, who was visiting this morning? Thanks
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