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  1. A pair of Robins were working on their nest. I love the duck feather stuck in the side....
  2. Greater white-fronted Goose...was flying in a formation of Canada Honkers
  3. Okay, maybe my choice of words is incorrect. I submitted my check list. It came up under Basil Griffin Park but without the Green Heron. It shows on my checklist, but not the listing for the Park.
  4. Ebird posted my checklist but the Green Heron is not listed and the picture, which I know is horrible, wasn't posted either.
  5. Thank you, Thank you. I had to add it to my ebird submission but they haven't posted it yet. Just wanted to double check. But with those colors and shape, I didn't know what else it could be. Thanks again,
  6. Too far away and poorly lit. Taken this morning in Bowling Green, KY. Ebird says it rare this early, but...Thanks
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