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  1. Their webs were suspended over the boardwalk in the Mangroves. It was a panic attack inducing experience walking under spiders the size of my hand...lol
  2. @PalmWarbler I could fill a warehouse with photos of headless birds...lol
  3. 90% of the photos I take/post are taken on my street. I live in the county surrounded by woods and pastures. This is the first Red-headed Woodpecker I've ever seen out here.
  4. Thanks @RobinHood It's more curiosity then anything. This is what I'm used to seeing, light in the middle and buffy down the sides, which is why I thought he looked so odd. LIke I said, just curious.
  5. This chunky buck crossed my path on my morning walk a couple days ago
  6. I took this a couple days ago here in Southern KY. I'm used to seeing Carolinas but this one seemed to have an inordinately dark breast. He's facing the sun so it's not shadowed....Any thoughts? Thanks
  7. Banana Spider (I think) hanging out in the Mangroves. They are huge and creepy...
  8. American Coots at Reelfoot in Western Tennessee
  9. When warm water combines with cold air and turns the Barren River Valley into an ocean coastline....
  10. Black-throated Green Warbler and Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (I hope I ID'd them correctly) stopped by as well...
  11. Northern Flickers are back...I wish they'd chosen a less obstructed landing zone.
  12. I tried this morning...lots of flowers but no birds anywhere to be seen 😔
  13. You should visit me in KY. I've had Gray-cheeked, Hermit, Veery, Swainson's and Wood all in my yard, The last 3 were all at the same time!
  14. When you stop for coffee and get a bonus Lifer! 🙂
  15. Yep. I took it the 15th when I got to my Mom's house. This little dude and his mate live in the vacant lot across the street. I defer the choice of the next challenge to TBN 😊
  16. Joe didn't quite understand the rules about peeking...
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