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  1. I was working in my yard and saw this fledgling Mockingbird sitting in the tree watching me.  Every time I moved, he flew to the tree nearest me.  Suddenly he swooped down and landed on the tree right next to me, maybe a couple feet away.  Then he hopped down the tree, hit the ground and ran over to me screaming "FEED ME"  lol  He was flying just fine, so I hope he figures out how to hunt or remembers where the nest is...1818235584_mockingbirdfledgling2.JPG.b1dc678e1e454ba7adf5c9447f88c461.JPG1979973328_mockingbirdfledgling.JPG.00a629b8dd4d0ff6393e36ab2f70d786.JPG1880850118_mockingbirdfeedme1.JPG.f912144b95d21bd5ab01f31eb727eb0b.JPG

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