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  1. taken this morning, sw florida, in a park with wet lands near it. it was overcast and raining a bit.
  2. All good thoughts. Birding by ear is a thought too, and I also suck at, but if I hear something, I'll take the time to try and track it down. I am familiar with all the species they listed and if I had heard anything out of the ordinary (especially the multiple warblers that were listed) it would have caught my attention. I guess I'll just stick to my way--if I don't see it, it doesn't go on my list.
  3. It may be nothing, but I was out at a park this morning from about 7am until 10 am. For a good while, I thought Florida had taken the birds in last night and hadn't let them back out yet. lol I wasn't seeing anything even flying around let alone in the trees. I finally spotted a few Blue-gray gnatcatchers, along with Blue Jays, Cardinals, Mockingbirds and at least 1 Grackle. Being totally disappointed, when I got home I checked ebird to see if there were other hotspots I could hit while I'm down here. Someone had made a submission, from the same park I was at, during the same time I was there, and there must have been 20-25 species listed. No pictures though. It just seemed odd that I missed everything they saw. I mean, just by accident I should have come across at least of few of species they listed. The park is relatively small, and I walked the entire area several times. So I guess my question is: Do people pad their submissions? And if so, why?
  4. Thanks @Kevin. A new one for me. His tail reminds of a Yellow billed Cuckoo.
  5. Really? Cool. Thanks. I've only seen one here, a male, black and orange. It never occurred to me.
  6. Spotted this one while I was waiting for a tanager to come into the clear...lol. Bowling Green, KY, this morning, flitting about the trees. No idea. Thanks.
  7. These 2 used to frequent my yard (before I had a decent camera and loud neighbors). I still hear them, but we rarely see them.
  8. finally...just wish they'd come out of the shadows.
  9. I did notify the site manager of her predicament and he was going to have a look and call DNR/conservation officer. The pond has rather deep sides and they were fully overgrown. I was afraid that if she couldn't fly properly, she'd just be stuck there. I guess my confusion collects around how did she get there. There is a park with a lake a few miles from there with a full contingent of domestic ducks and geese. Hopefully they will get her out, get her some help and then resettle her at the lake.
  10. Saw this duck in a retention pond in a conservation site today. She was alone, there were no other ducks of any kind around. A bit of research and Angel Wings popped up. It fits physically, but Idk, any thoughts? I have more pics if they are needed.
  11. https://www.npr.org/local/305/2021/06/16/1007154493/blue-jays-grackles-other-birds-dying-from-mysterious-ailment maybe related to this?
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