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  1. Thanks. I'll have to check my list but this might be a lifer!
  2. Also taken today in South Central Kentucky. I think these are the same bird but won't swear to it. He was hard to keep up with! I thought maybe, at least the 1st pic, might be a Bewick's Wren??
  3. Taken today in South Central Kentucky. I've seen him a few times, but he finally sat still for a minute so I could get a picture! So, is this an Eastern Phoebe? Thanks
  4. Apparently Crows are having an aversion to perching on rooftops lately....lol
  5. Are we still searching for a raven or crow on a roof? I've seen them everywhere but there. LOL This is fun....waiting on the next challenge
  6. South Central Kentucky here. Over the past month, Eastern Towhees and Indigo Buntings have been at my feeders. Goldfinches are brightening up the scene too. Yellow-rumped Warbers are about and today I spied (thanks to ID help) a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Hermit Thrush and Brown Thrashers too.
  7. I was stalking some YRW's this morning but when I went thru my pics, well, this one looks different. Feel like I should know, but this solitary confinement has my brain a bit rattled.
  8. Thanks! Since I'm pretty new to all this, I'm gonna defer the decision for the next challenge back to you @The Bird Nuts.
  9. Glanced out the window and saw this Robin and Northern Flicker just chillin' with each other. I imagine they are discussing how peaceful it is with all the Humans staying indoors! lol
  10. hmmm. They were 6 frames apart with not so great shots in between them. However, they were dropping below the tree line and popping back up. Never saw both at the same time. Thanks for the correction. Feeling a bit silly, so I'll pay closer attention to what I'm doing in future posts. Thanks
  11. Went back thru my pics. I guess I missed this one. Pretty much leaves no doubt it's a Red-shouldered Hawk. duh Thanks again.
  12. I took these yesterday and today in Warren Co. Ky (about an hour north of Nashville). I believe that the first is a Broad-winged Hawk and the second a Red-tailed Hawk. The third I think is a Red-tailed but just thought I'd check. The Hawks around here have been making the Crows crazy the last few days. Thanks.
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