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  1. Sorry about the lousy pics. It's been rainy and overcast so the lighting was poor at best.
  2. Ah, makes sense. There is an Orchard up the road from where he was. Thank you.
  3. This bird was at the very top of the tree in breezy conditions about 0700 CT this morning. Woodland and pastures. I thought it was a Robin but no eye ring that I can see and his beak looks black. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thank you. I see many Cooper's but not so many of these beauties. It was a rare pleasure this morning.
  5. Perched up in the tree this morning. When he took off, the tree was directly between us so no flight pics.
  6. sorry about this. I meant to post in pic of the day.
  7. This was taken yesterday in Southern Kentucky in an area that is evenly split between Woods and farmland. There were 2 Bluebirds on the wire and then this one landed right next to them. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks. Feeling a bit silly because I see Cowbirds all the time (cattle all around our place) but these 2 seemed bigger and their color seemed odd to me. Here's what I'm used to seeing...
  9. These 2 were walking along the neighbors fence line, May 9th in Bowling Green, KY. They looked to be the same size, maybe a bit bigger than a Mourning Dove. I hadn't seen them before and haven't seen them since.....Thanks
  10. Thank you for the correction. I'm not even sure where Swallow came from. I've watched Jays and others chasing Hawks away and they are usually pretty aggressive. These two just looked like they were just hanging out together. But to my other question, is it common for different types of Hawks to fly together?
  11. Thank you. Would you normally find them flying and hunting together? I have another pic (also not great) of the Broad-winged being followed by a swallow. What would that be about?
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