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  1. Sharp-shinned Hawk (thru a window that needs to be cleaned)😏
  2. @Seanbirds thanks, that was informative. Here are a couple more pics that show off the yellow... Aside from cropping, I haven't fiddled with anything else. These are as taken.
  3. @Benjamin in the first photo he was in full sunlight, in the subsequent 2 the light was much more moderate.
  4. This bird was hanging out eating sunflower seeds at the feeder. My first thought was House or Purple but the yellow has me totally confused. Taken this morning in Warren County, South Central, Kentucky. Thanks
  5. This beauty stopped by the house for coffee this morning, in Warren County, South Central Kentucky. Thanks
  6. Thanks @The Bird Nuts. I guess his head didn't look right.
  7. I was going through some older pictures and came across this one. It was taken in June 2019 in Bowling Green KY. Thanks
  8. @The Bird Nuts You are amazingly talented--that's beautiful. My Dad could paint, but neglected to pass that particular gene along to me.
  9. @Seanbirds Thanks. I was down in South Florida visiting my Mom and stopped in a park that had a ton of Burrowing Owls. Usually they are posted around their nest sites and I don't think I'd ever seen one up in a tree. But there he was. And this is the pose he gave me when I started taking his pic. Cracked me up.
  10. Watched this pair of Northern Flickers circling this tree. They were not being very cooperative about posing. lol
  11. Dang it, I couldn't decide. lol Some Blackpolls have been seen in the area so I was hoping. Thanks @blackburnian
  12. Taken this afternoon in Bowling Green, KY. This is the only pic I was able to get. Is this a Blackpoll Warbler? Thanks....
  13. Yellow-billed Cuckoo stopped by the yard today. ..
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