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  1. Thanks @akandula. That's another lifer...and, along with the Blue-headed Vireo are new to the yard list too!
  2. Walked out on the deck this afternoon and the trees were alive with activity so I grabbed the camera. Quite a few Yellow-rumped Warblers, a Blue-headed Vireo (a lifer if I'm correct on the ID) and the dreaded "yellow" ones--they all look the same and they all look different. So, once again, asking for help and going book shopping tomorrow...Thanks .
  3. After having a discussion in another topic about never seeing Cedar Waxwings, the very next day I saw a tree top full of them. This one, however, decided to make a stop in my yard.
  4. Did it look like this? This is a juvenile Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
  5. @Kevin That would be amazing to see. But nope, not here, at least not on my street, which is woods and pasture land. I never seen more than 1 at a time, and only on 3 separate occasions.
  6. Thank you @akandula. Those dang Cedar Waxwings. I've only seen 3 here and they are always too far away for a decent picture!
  7. Saw a bunch, less than 10, not really a "flock", of birds land in the top of a distant tree. Decided to see if I could figure out what they were. No joy. Sorry for the poor quality (I hate posting ugly pics), but like I said, the tree was a fair distance from me. The 4th pic was there with them, but he seems different. Any help?
  8. Thanks. That's what I came up with also. Another new one for me.
  9. Taken this afternoon in Bowling Green, KY. I have an idea, but since I'm batting 0-2, I'll leave it to those who know. Thanks,
  10. Thanks. I always waffle on the Orchard/Tanager id. I have both around here. But I'll have to look up Bay-breasted, that would be a new one. Thanks again.
  11. Yellow birds are confusing....lol. These 2 made a stop in the yard yesterday. 1 & 2 --Orchard Oriole and 3 Pine Warbler. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. Saw some movement up in the tree and took several pic hoping to be able to sort out what it was once I returned home. It surprised me because I hadn't seen one on my street before. I live out in the county, surrounded by pastures and woods and take my camera along when I do my walks in the morning. Again, thanks for the id and I'm excited to add a new one to my list.
  13. Very overcast this morning, but watched this fearless Hummer buzzing and harassing the Hawk...
  14. Congrats on the new pooper @SirVive. @Kevin Context is everything. Without context, the comment "nobody cares about you anymore" posted under my photo, the "you" is directed at me personally, not the young Thrasher in my photo. I'm glad you had a good laugh at my expense. I didn't think is was funny at all.
  15. I'm sorry @Kevin, what have I done to offend the Whatbird community?
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