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  1. Yellow birds are confusing....lol. These 2 made a stop in the yard yesterday. 1 & 2 --Orchard Oriole and 3 Pine Warbler. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Saw some movement up in the tree and took several pic hoping to be able to sort out what it was once I returned home. It surprised me because I hadn't seen one on my street before. I live out in the county, surrounded by pastures and woods and take my camera along when I do my walks in the morning. Again, thanks for the id and I'm excited to add a new one to my list.
  3. Very overcast this morning, but watched this fearless Hummer buzzing and harassing the Hawk...
  4. Congrats on the new pooper @SirVive. @Kevin Context is everything. Without context, the comment "nobody cares about you anymore" posted under my photo, the "you" is directed at me personally, not the young Thrasher in my photo. I'm glad you had a good laugh at my expense. I didn't think is was funny at all.
  5. I'm sorry @Kevin, what have I done to offend the Whatbird community?
  6. Thanks @The Bird Nuts. I'm still not really seeing it but I bow to your expertise. Thanks again.
  7. School me please. It looks blue to me and the Common Yellowthroats around here are not blue. What identifiers lead you to that conclusion?
  8. Any opinions on whether or not that was 2 different species of hawk flying together? I only got those 2 shots before they dropped below the ridgeline.
  9. Maybe, maybe not. Is this a Red-tailed and a Broad winged?
  10. finally stopped raining! The birds were happy too! Prairie Warbler, White-eyed Vireo, and Great Crested Flycatcher.
  11. @Charlie Spencer They used to be regulars at my feeders, but then I didn't see them for a couple years. I was glad they decided to come back this year (my last one here because we're moving to Texas). They were out there first thing this morning too! Oh, and it's STILL raining here!!!
  12. It's been raining non-stop all day here. so I've been watching all the soggy birds showing up for a snack. It was quite a nice surprise when these two beauties stopped by.....
  13. Taken this morning in a rainy, overcast Bowling Green, KY. Made for a terrible pic, but I've tried to clean it up a bit.
  14. That was my first thought, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks Now to keep an eye out for him so I can get a better picture!
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