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  1. Not the best pic (overcast, late in the day) but 100+ Sandhill Cranes made a very noisy fly-over in Bowling Green, KY today. Couldn't get them all in frame....
  2. Quite possibly the most annoyed looking Cardinal I've ever seen....lol
  3. Here's a better head shot. Took what you said and did a google--now I see the difference in the nail. Lesser it is. Thanks
  4. Taken this morning in South Central Kentucky. Which is this--lesser or greater and why. Still learning.....Thanks in advance...
  5. In the piney woods of NE Texas for the holidays. These were taken yesterday and this morning at Lake Tyler and Faulkner Park in Tyler, TX respectively. Both would be lifers. Thanks Savannah Sparrow Nashville Warbler
  6. all puffed up. sunrise at the lake was a bit chilly this morning...
  7. Black-bellied Whistling-Duck...apparently pretty uncommon in Bowling Green, KY. There were 5 of them at the lake this afternoon.
  8. I am aware. There is yellow on the top. I'm terrible at fall plumage and I didn't realize that Palms have similar white spots on their tail feathers as YRW. These were interspersed with a large group of YRWs and I was confused by the similarities--at least to my mostly untrained eye.
  9. well, duh. Thanks @Quiscalus quiscula Feeling pretty silly at this point....
  10. Finally had an opportunity to wander around the lake yesterday in Bowling Green, KY. The YRW are back in force, the trees were alive with them. Also saw a few Cedar Waxwings. While perusing my pictures, I was wondering about the yellow under tail coverts. Are all of these YRW's or, if not, what are they? Thanks
  11. looked up and caught 9 Double-crested Cormorants headed south... Yes, 9, one was a straggler and didn't make the shot...
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