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  1. @The Bird Nuts Thanks. I should stop 2nd guessing myself...lol
  2. I snapped this fly-over a couple days ago and, because it's horrible, didn't look very hard at it. Osprey was my first thought. But I decided to lighten it up and take a closer look and now I'm not convinced it's an Osprey (which means it probably is...lol) Any thoughts? There are claims of a Short-tailed Hawk in the area, but everything I've read says they are "uncommon" in Florida. Okay, school me in Raptors please...Thanks
  3. I should be out of KY soon and setting up shop in the Piney Woods of NE Texas. I'll try and find a group there, I've noticed quite a few are out there. Thanks
  4. YAY!!! That makes 15 Lifers this week while visiting Mom in Florida! Thank you
  5. Taken this morning in SW Florida. Northern Parula?
  6. Feb. 2020, I glanced out the window at my home in Kentucky and saw a Pileated and a Red-bellied on the same tree. Figured that was a once in ever occurrence----until this afternoon, at a park in SW Florida!
  7. Have some final thoughts on this topic. Probably shouldn't have stirred the pot, but it has turned out to be an interesting conversation. This morning I had a chance to spend a bit of time, maybe an hour, with a binocular/notebook wielding birder. He schooled me some, gave me a new experience, and gave a counter argument to my grumpy attitude. He pointed out a few I missed and I actually caught some he didn't. It was fun. I still don't have the patience to do the ebird thing. But I have more respect for the Bino/notebook crowd. 😉
  8. Super cool! Now I've come across a Yellow House Finch and a Yellow Purple Finch! Thank you.
  9. Snapped this morning, hanging out with other finches...Could he be a Yellow House Finch?
  10. Thanks for the clarification. All Lifers so this trip has been kinda fun.
  11. Thanks again. Did better on this one. But I have to ask, those Turnstones don't look anything like the Ruddy ones that were on the pier to me. Black Turnstones were the only one that matched the wing pattern and color, again, to me. So why are these Ruddy also?
  12. Thanks. 1 outta 3 lol I waffled about the last one between a Willet and a Dowitcher. Thanks again
  13. Okay, and my guesses for this round: Belted Kingfisher, Black Turnstones, Some sort of Sandpiper and Some Sort of Tern... All taken yesterday, on Pine Island, Gulf Coast of Florida, by Cape Coral/Ft. Myers .
  14. Okay, my guesses are: Wilson's Plover, Ruddy Turnstone and Dowitcher... All seen at the Bokeelia Pier, Lee County, FL. That's Cape Coral/Ft. Myers on the Gulf Coast. Prepared for the schooling...Thanks for the help.
  15. I've been having quite a bit of fun running about SW Fla and staring at trees. Caught these 2 hanging out together this morning... .
  16. @Charlie Spencer They did say it was very early to see a BG in KY. And my lists are screwed up because I didn't really understand the process at ebird when I started this several years ago. I guess maybe it was the manner in which they asked, which was off-putting. I was trying to do a historical list of what I had id'd to that point and she told me I couldn't do that. I walk or hike and take my camera with me, just in case I come across something, but no, I don't walk with a notebook and I didn't enter everything in true time. If I need a time, I just check the time stamp on my photo. So, if I were to submit lists now, there would be pics with everything, I would keep better track of the time (that 8pm was when I entered the info, not when I shot the pic), and if I saw something, id'd it but didn't get a pic, I would add a note to that effect. But my original point was that anyone can just pitch a list together with no clarification or documentation. And yes, I did see a photo of a hedge that was offered as documentation. For the sake of the data that ebird is collecting, it needs to be as complete as possible. And that includes the circumstances of the sighting or "hearing" when added to the list. Just my 2 cents
  17. Yeah, the deal was that I submitted a list with the Blue Grosbeak without a picture and they wouldn't accept it unless I could show them a picture of it. So it's challenging when I see all these lists being submitted without any notes, or pics or anything and I'm just supposed to say, okie dokie.
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