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  1. @Charlie Spencer  They did say it was very early to see a BG in KY.  And my lists are screwed up because I didn't really understand the process at ebird when I started this several years ago.  I guess maybe it was the manner in which they asked, which was off-putting.  I was trying to do a historical list of what I had id'd to that point and she told me I couldn't do that.  I walk or hike and take my camera with me, just in case I come across something, but no, I don't walk with a notebook and I didn't enter everything in true time.  If I need a time, I just check the time stamp on my photo. 

    So, if I were to submit lists now, there would be pics with everything, I would keep better track of the time (that 8pm was when I entered the info, not when I shot the pic), and if I saw something, id'd it but didn't get a pic, I would add a note to that effect.  

    But my original point was that anyone can just pitch a list together with no clarification or documentation.  And yes, I did see a photo of a hedge that was offered as documentation.  For the sake of the data that ebird is collecting, it needs to be as complete as possible.  And that includes the circumstances of the sighting or "hearing"  when added to the list.  Just my 2 cents

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  2. Yeah, the deal was that I submitted a list with the Blue Grosbeak without a picture and they wouldn't accept it unless I could show them a picture of it.  

    So it's challenging when I see all these lists being submitted without any notes, or pics or anything and I'm just supposed to say, okie dokie.

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  3. @Charlie Spencer No, not really "documentation" but just a "heard only" note or "seen but not photographed".  My irritation with ebird comes from my first and I think only submission to them, when my "reviewer"  sent me an email explaining that my ID "couldn't be correct" and that unless I could submit a photo it would not be accepted.  I provided a photo and never looked back.  And then I see pictures of, well, basically a hedge, and that's good enough as supporting documentation.  


  4. Okay.  I've been trying to figure out the best way to jump back in here.  Birding by ear.  I can't even get it right with a picture, so, much respect to anyone who can bird by ear.  And I agree that there are some elusive species that, without audio id's, would be lost in the count.  I have Barred Owls that live on the hill across from my house.  I hear them all the time but haven't actually seen them for a couple years.  So yes, in some instances, exceptions should rule.  However, I also think that if you are going to submit a list to e-bird, and you are not submitting photos with it, then there should be a requirement for a note explaining where it was heard, if it was seen but not photographed, etc.  


  5. All good thoughts.  Birding by ear is a thought too, and I also suck at, but if I hear something, I'll take the time to try and track it down. I am familiar with all the species they listed and if I had heard anything out of the ordinary (especially the multiple warblers that were listed) it would have caught my attention.  I guess I'll just stick to my way--if I don't see it, it doesn't go on my list.  

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  6. It may be nothing, but I was out at a park this morning from about 7am until 10 am.   For a good while, I thought Florida had taken the birds in last night and hadn't let them back out yet.  lol  I wasn't seeing anything even flying around let alone in the trees.  I finally spotted a few Blue-gray gnatcatchers, along with Blue Jays, Cardinals, Mockingbirds and at least 1 Grackle.  Being totally disappointed, when I got home I checked ebird to see if there were other hotspots I could hit while I'm down here.  Someone had made a submission, from the same park I was at, during the same time I was there, and there must have been 20-25 species listed.  No pictures though.  It just seemed odd that I missed everything they saw.  I mean, just by accident I should have come across at least of few of species they listed.  The park is relatively small, and I walked the entire area several times.  So I guess my question is:  Do people pad their submissions?  And if so, why?  

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