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  1. Thanks Akandula. 😉 I'm still in South Central Kentucky. But I will shortly be relocating to the Piney Woods of Northeast Texas.
  2. Thanks for all the great info. I'll look into eBird, it would be nice to be able to help out with data collection. Your site is great and so much wonderful photography--I get lost in the pictures. Y'all are so helpful and good-humored when I post for ID help, it makes it fun to participate. Thanks again for helping out the new "kid" (55 tomorrow--lol) 😀
  3. @HamRHead Ah, you would check an item off of a list that already exists but you would add an item to a list that is work in progress. I actually have both. Printed the ABA checklist but also keep track on a list of my own creation. Really only started keeping track in April, and I'm nearing the 100 mark. 😀
  4. Shakin' my head at myself...lol. When I read "Little" Blue Heron in my searches, I thought they meant age/size, duh. Thanks for the id. 🙄
  5. Thanks, I can see it now. He was only there for a flash, and it was really shadowed. Thanks again
  6. Horrible pic but I hope it's enough for id. Taken in a tree line, near open fields. Yellow brow and belly and I think I can see a white eye ring. Played with it a bit to brighten it up and bring up the colors.
  7. I had tried every descriptor I could think of and right after I posted this I searched for "woodland bird with horizontal chest stripes" and he popped up. Thanks for the confirmation.
  8. No ideas. Such great camo, I thought it was part of the pine branch. Last week on Pine Island in SW Florida. Thanks
  9. So sorry, I'm in South Central Kentucky--Bowling Green specifically. And it was taken this morning.
  10. caught the whole family this morning....one standing watch (upper right) 2 more bottom left chowing on a cicada. Just thought I'd share.
  11. Low light, just after sunrise this morning in Kentucky.
  12. oh duh! I feel pretty silly now... Thank you and I'll add another new one to my list!
  13. I live in the county, surrounded by farmland, pastures, woodland and an Orchard and with a few exceptions, all the pictures I post are taken on my road. I've identified and photographed about 55 different birds just taking morning walks. Everyday I try to spot a new one or get a better shot of one I've already identified. I'm seriously hooked.
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