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  1. Thanks @Charlie Spencer. I'll keep an eye out...maybe he'll stop by for another visit and a better picture!
  2. This BWHA showed up today, so maybe. I guess I'm still wondering about the white face of the original subject.
  3. No guesses? I was wondering if maybe he was a young Red-tailed Hawk?
  4. I live on the north end of Bowling Green, KY, out in the county surrounded by pastures and woods and not far from the Barren River. I've been told there are some Bald Eagles around here but I've never been lucky enough to spot them. He looked "small" by comparison to the adult Hawks I'd seen yesterday, but he was also tucked up behind branches a 50+ year old giant Ash tree.
  5. I've seen Cooper's, Red-tailed and Broad-winged Hawks in my yard and surrounding pastures and woodlands. This one made a really quick stop and this was the only picture I could get of him. The white head threw me a bit. Is it a juvenile? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks. Very cool, this is a new one for me. Now I can be on the lookout to grab a better picture.
  7. Terrible pic but hope it's enough for an id. Taken this morning in Bowling Green, KY. Thanks
  8. Yay! Thank you. Another new one to add to the list.
  9. Sorry about the lousy pics. It's been rainy and overcast so the lighting was poor at best.
  10. Ah, makes sense. There is an Orchard up the road from where he was. Thank you.
  11. This bird was at the very top of the tree in breezy conditions about 0700 CT this morning. Woodland and pastures. I thought it was a Robin but no eye ring that I can see and his beak looks black. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Thank you. I see many Cooper's but not so many of these beauties. It was a rare pleasure this morning.
  13. Perched up in the tree this morning. When he took off, the tree was directly between us so no flight pics.
  14. sorry about this. I meant to post in pic of the day.
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