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  1. Forehead smack complete...lol Thanks. I guess it threw me because I don't think I've ever seen a cowbird out by the lake. thanks again,
  2. Taken this morning in Bowling Green KY. Out by the lake. I'm sure that when y'all tell me what I'm looking at, I'll smack myself in the forehead and say Duh.... thanks
  3. Double Crested Cormorants having their morning sunbath interrupted by a Eastern Kingbird chasing a Sharpie...
  4. backyard visitors this afternoon
  5. For some reason, this is the only turkey pic I can find. But it seemed like a fitting end to this weeks bird, since I'm "behind" in getting it posted...I give you, Turkey butts ?
  6. for @dragon49 saw these cuties this morning...
  7. Thanks @The Bird Nuts. Broad-winged was actually my other thought and why I decided to ask.
  8. Taken this afternoon in South Central Ky. This is the only shot I was able to get when he made a quick stop in my yard today. I've had Red-tailed, Red-shouldered, Broad-winged, Sharpies and Coops in the yard at various times. I initially thought Red-shouldered, based on what I could make out in the tail bands, but then I questioned myself because, well, it's just what I do...lol Thanks
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