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  1. finally...just wish they'd come out of the shadows.
  2. I did notify the site manager of her predicament and he was going to have a look and call DNR/conservation officer. The pond has rather deep sides and they were fully overgrown. I was afraid that if she couldn't fly properly, she'd just be stuck there. I guess my confusion collects around how did she get there. There is a park with a lake a few miles from there with a full contingent of domestic ducks and geese. Hopefully they will get her out, get her some help and then resettle her at the lake.
  3. Saw this duck in a retention pond in a conservation site today. She was alone, there were no other ducks of any kind around. A bit of research and Angel Wings popped up. It fits physically, but Idk, any thoughts? I have more pics if they are needed.
  4. https://www.npr.org/local/305/2021/06/16/1007154493/blue-jays-grackles-other-birds-dying-from-mysterious-ailment maybe related to this?
  5. I was working in my yard and saw this fledgling Mockingbird sitting in the tree watching me. Every time I moved, he flew to the tree nearest me. Suddenly he swooped down and landed on the tree right next to me, maybe a couple feet away. Then he hopped down the tree, hit the ground and ran over to me screaming "FEED ME" lol He was flying just fine, so I hope he figures out how to hunt or remembers where the nest is...
  6. Okay, school me. Why is the 2nd one not a KIlldeer? Or am I just looking at the wrong bird? lol
  7. Double-crested Cormorant. Wish it was a better picture but he was way out in the middle of the lake...
  8. This is not a drawing, it's just over-exposed. Bright sun with a pond behind them. I think it's kinda cool though.
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