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  1. Okay, well the range map shows them in CA. Sorry I tried...
  2. Is this not a Black-throated Green Warbler? Probably wrong, but it was the first thing I thought of...
  3. summer tanager going thru puberty... storms coming, gray and overcast. hope he comes back when the sun is out!
  4. Took these a couple days ago at Lost River Cave in Warren Co, KY and am now in a quandary over-thinking what I'm looking at. My initial thought was Chipping Sparrow. But then the brow looked yellowish as well as the undertail. So I moved on to Palm Warbler, but that doesn't feel right either. So now I'm just confused....lol. Share some brilliant insight with me please.... Thanks
  5. Just hit 100 with a Wilson's Warbler and Northern Waterthrush! And both were Lifers.
  6. YAY! Another Lifer. Thanks @Tanager 101 And #100 on my year list! Not too bad for a "1 county" birder lol
  7. I knew there was another one I wanted to ask about...Is this a Wilson's Warbler? Thanks
  8. YAY! The Waterthrush is a lifer, Magnolia is a first this year. Thanks.
  9. @Charlie Spencer Yup, that's the one I was looking at..
  10. My 2 cents. At All About Birds, they show a immature Northern that looks like this one. They describe it as "more brownish than adults, with fine brownish bars on underside. Narrow black mask".
  11. Taken today, Warren Co., KY at Lost River Cave. I was watching some female Red-winged Blackbirds by a retention pond but I thought this one was different. Magnolia Warbler, up in the trees, bad lighting. 1. Magnolia Warbler 2. Northern Waterthrush Thanks
  12. Anyone else want to weigh in? He was there and then gone so I didn't hear his call. Willow would be a lifer, so....
  13. This morning in Warren Co., KY. Woods and pastures... House Wren?
  14. Took a bunch of horrible pics this morning. Non-cooperative birds and leaves are back and doing their best to be in the way. lol Warren Co, KY, pastures and woods.
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