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  1. Indigo Buntings hang out at my feeders quite often...
  2. In my opinion, nests are architectural wonders. The Eastern Phoebes primarily used moss. The Blue-gray Gnatcatchers I was watching today used tree lichen. Mud, spider webs, grasses all woven together to create safe havens for eggs and hatchlings. After watching the Gnatcatchers, it made me wonder why any given species chooses the materials they use. Are there any studies or research projects regarding why they prefer one thing over another? Ten different species could nest in the same acre and all use different materials, even though the same materials are available to all of them. Locations are another question. Ground, trees, eaves, cavities, open, sheltered. Just curious....
  3. @IKLland Seeing the Waxwings was a surprise to me too. But...
  4. took a stroll down my street this morning {Southern KY}...Great-crested Flycatcher, Common Yellowthroat, Blue Grosbeak, Prairie Warbler and a pair of Cedar Waxwings that are still hanging out. Except for the last, all firsts for this year.
  5. Thanks. That was my expectation, just wanted confirmation. I tend to overthink things...lol
  6. So this is probably a silly question but..... I was watching the area of my yard where the feeders are this morning, hoping to see the Buntings or Hummers, and over the course of about an hour, I noted 16 different species. Here is my question: Did I see 1 Cardinal 6 times, or did I see 6 Cardinals? Unless you see multiple birds at the same time, like the half dozen Brown-headed Cowbirds that stopped by together, how would you know you aren't just seeing the same bird repeatedly? Most info I could find was geared toward estimating flocks, not "stationary" watching.
  7. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and Indigo Buntings have arrived in southern Kentucky!! Saw them in my yard yesterday.
  8. Just out of curiosity, where is this?
  9. Taken this morning in Warren Co., Kentucky. Flitting about a wooded area along the lake shore. I'm used to seeing Carolina's, but this one seems darker and is lacking the distinct white eyebrow. Thanks
  10. Woot Woot maybe the yellow ones won't kick my butt so bad this year. And another Lifer #17 for the year. Thanks @IKLland
  11. Those dang yellow ones are back....lol Taken this morning in Warren Co., KY. Thanks
  12. Taken this morning in Warren Co., KY. Out by Basil Griffin lake. There are many Tree Swallows in the park, so I thought maybe a juvenile. But after reading about Rough-winged, I kept coming back to the "dingy chest". Thanks
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