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  1. Yeah, the deal was that I submitted a list with the Blue Grosbeak without a picture and they wouldn't accept it unless I could show them a picture of it. So it's challenging when I see all these lists being submitted without any notes, or pics or anything and I'm just supposed to say, okie dokie.
  2. Sorry. I thought just the Blue Grosbeak would come up. That was what I submitted when they asked for a picture to confirm it.
  3. https://ebird.org/media/catalog?userId=USER1635670&mediaType=p
  4. @Charlie Spencer No, not really "documentation" but just a "heard only" note or "seen but not photographed". My irritation with ebird comes from my first and I think only submission to them, when my "reviewer" sent me an email explaining that my ID "couldn't be correct" and that unless I could submit a photo it would not be accepted. I provided a photo and never looked back. And then I see pictures of, well, basically a hedge, and that's good enough as supporting documentation.
  5. He tried really really hard, but after about 5 minutes he dropped it back in the water and moved on....
  6. Okay. I've been trying to figure out the best way to jump back in here. Birding by ear. I can't even get it right with a picture, so, much respect to anyone who can bird by ear. And I agree that there are some elusive species that, without audio id's, would be lost in the count. I have Barred Owls that live on the hill across from my house. I hear them all the time but haven't actually seen them for a couple years. So yes, in some instances, exceptions should rule. However, I also think that if you are going to submit a list to e-bird, and you are not submitting photos with it, then there should be a requirement for a note explaining where it was heard, if it was seen but not photographed, etc.
  7. @meghann thanks for the schooling. I swear I'm never gonna sort all this out...🤪
  8. Well, here's his tail, school me please. I've only seen Cooper's around here, so...
  9. taken this morning, sw florida, in a park with wet lands near it. it was overcast and raining a bit.
  10. All good thoughts. Birding by ear is a thought too, and I also suck at, but if I hear something, I'll take the time to try and track it down. I am familiar with all the species they listed and if I had heard anything out of the ordinary (especially the multiple warblers that were listed) it would have caught my attention. I guess I'll just stick to my way--if I don't see it, it doesn't go on my list.
  11. It may be nothing, but I was out at a park this morning from about 7am until 10 am. For a good while, I thought Florida had taken the birds in last night and hadn't let them back out yet. lol I wasn't seeing anything even flying around let alone in the trees. I finally spotted a few Blue-gray gnatcatchers, along with Blue Jays, Cardinals, Mockingbirds and at least 1 Grackle. Being totally disappointed, when I got home I checked ebird to see if there were other hotspots I could hit while I'm down here. Someone had made a submission, from the same park I was at, during the same time I was there, and there must have been 20-25 species listed. No pictures though. It just seemed odd that I missed everything they saw. I mean, just by accident I should have come across at least of few of species they listed. The park is relatively small, and I walked the entire area several times. So I guess my question is: Do people pad their submissions? And if so, why?
  12. Thanks @Kevin. A new one for me. His tail reminds of a Yellow billed Cuckoo.
  13. Really? Cool. Thanks. I've only seen one here, a male, black and orange. It never occurred to me.
  14. Spotted this one while I was waiting for a tanager to come into the clear...lol. Bowling Green, KY, this morning, flitting about the trees. No idea. Thanks.
  15. These 2 used to frequent my yard (before I had a decent camera and loud neighbors). I still hear them, but we rarely see them.
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