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  1. And those were my 2 choices, couldn't decide, so asking here...lol @Seanbirds I agree, it is a weird angle. Thanks for the help!
  2. Taken yesterday, farm field in Bowling Green, KY. It's the only photo I was able to get before he flew off. Along with the Sparrows; Indigo Buntings, Rose-breasted and Blue Grosbeaks also like to hang out in this field. Thanks
  3. Blue-gray Gnatcatchers. Maybe not the best picture but it's hard enough to catch one let alone two!
  4. Watched an epic battle between a Tufted Titmouse and a giant spider today. It took the Tufted several tries, but in the end, the spider lost... .
  5. Taken this morning in Bowling Green, KY. Clueless...thanks
  6. Check out the shot from his "office" on page 11 of Landscapes...living the dream
  7. @blackburnian Really? I thought they were a pair. 3 different kinds of thrushes, foraging within 5 ft of each other at the same time? Doesn't seem like that is something you would see everyday. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Thanks @Connor Cochrane. That's 2 lifers in the span of 5 minutes in my front yard!
  9. Taken this afternoon in Bowling Green, KY. Our property is heavily wooded and I've ID'd Wood, Hermit and Gray-Cheeked Thrush in my yard so far this year. Took the shots of the suspected Veery and on the way back to the house, caught sight of the second bird. Just when I got it in frame, the 2nd one popped up behind it--very cool. I thought maybe the pair were Swainson's, but that's a total guess. Pic 1 and 2--possible Veery. Pic 3 and 4, possible Swainson's Thanks for the help.
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