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  1. I'm at 81, with 15 Lifers. But with the migration on, there is always hope....lol
  2. Thank you @Charlie Spencer. I hadn't thought of the males doing recon while the rest bring up the rear, but that makes sense.
  3. I stumbled upon a group of about 20 Hooded Mergansers this morning in an out of the way little pond. What struck me as odd was that there were females and non-breeding males but no males in breeding plumage. Why is that?
  4. He was being relentlessly harassed by Crows and Grackles....
  5. does this help? lol Or are we already settled on Warbling Vireo...
  6. @The Bird Nuts this was the only photo I was able to get...
  7. Thanks @Birding Boy. Anyone else want to weigh in? Warbling Vireo would be a lifer.....
  8. I took this today in South Central KY. This is the only shot I was able to get. In the tree line along a lake. Redstart, Phoebe or Gnatcatcher are some of my guesses....Thanks
  9. a pair of Eastern Phoebes have decided to nest on the security light on our shed. Female in the nest, male had just brought some nesting material to her. I loved this because he just looks so proud of himself...lol
  10. I'm an analog girl in a digital world lol After losing photos when my laptop flipped a chip, I now transfer photos but keep all my memory cards as back up. 15 bucks a few times a year is much less painful than losing the photos completely.
  11. @chipperatlexactly!! crazy sound @stitch58 that's insane! These were all in the trees, but flying in masse from one section to the next. They never formed a proper murmuration.
  12. Yes that's an Osprey and to me, it appears to be eating a fish of some kind.
  13. Stopped at a rest stop in either Indiana or Illinois and there were hundreds of grackles and red-winged black birds in the trees. The sound was near deafening...
  14. Also, Anhingas have straight bills while Cormorants have the hook.
  15. Made a quick trip to Des Moines, Iowa this week. This bird was hanging out atop the hotel. After looking at a thousand pictures, I've decided to ask for help....Thanks
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